Strucid Christmas Update

Christmas Update 2019

I’m finally done with finals and on a ONE MONTH winter break which means STRUCID UPDATES!

Updated Map
For this first part of the Christmas update, we are bringing back the original Strucid map with a winter theme. My builder was originally supposed to build a new map for Christmas but he unexpectedly left for vacation without a computer… :unamused:

Suppressed Pistol

  • Unlocked at level 36
  • Deals 29 damage per shot
  • 7.1 Fire Rate
  • Low wait time for first shot accuracy

Snowball Launcher

  • Limited time Christmas weapon for only 395 R$
  • Similar to a quad launcher
  • Deals 25 damage per shot
  • Fires very quickly (0.3 seconds between shots)
  • 10 ammo per magazine
    Snowball Launcher

New Shop Items

  • New skin every day until Christmas
  • 6 new Christmas pickaxes