Struggling on Game Ideas

I’m having trouble figuring out what game I should make. Many games that came into my mind were already taken. Help on game ideas would be appreciated.


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Onto the topic itself, think out of the box! I have many concepts in mind that I can’t accomplish cause of my lack of skills, it’s not hard at all to think of some unique ideas. Good luck!

Thanks a lot! I’m going to try to see what I can make using my imagination!

Here are some ideas:

I also recommend watching thedevking tutorials. I think there’s also a video that teaches you how to make game ideas

so i don’t have any game ideas but i do have cool system on how to make ideas.
this is the system you just mix two game ideas together like obby and simulator and you get an obby simulator!

You could try thinking of a game you like, (Maybe a Nintendo game like Smash Bros.) but then make it your own. Don’t just copy especially since that could be a problem with copyright, but you could use it as an idea to make your own game!

Obby creator type of game???

Thanks a ton everyone! This really helped me out! I’m going to try to use all of the ideas you recommended and see which one works out best! Thanks!

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if that is what you get out of it then yes

Hey, so when I’m struggling on game ideas, like you, I go to a random game generator website and generate the ideas!

Of course, I don’t actually use the ideas given to me by the robot, it just helps me think of “hey, an rpg will be pretty cool” or “an obby would be pretty cool”

Take one of the games you thought of and figure out the root of the gameplay. Then, take the setting and do something completely different. Do the same with the music, and character designs

Think of a game you’ve always wanted to play but could never find.


I am struggling on game ideas too, but this will help me :smiley:

same man i have no ideas lol NONE!!!

First of all don’t post it because it will get stolen.
Second of all, think of irl games and then fuse them with something cool to make it unique.

Struggling with finding game ideas can sometimes be quite difficult if you don’t have an overall concept or genre you want to dive into. Develop a game you would like to see. I usually try to find a game that hasn’t been created on the platform and go from there.

Find a game you will enjoy or interested in making, I’ll consider striving for actual games, whether it’s a unique game, first person shooter - racing games, adventure battle games or something along those lines. There are a bunch of ideas that come with generating some ideas, a few threads related to (finding game ideas do come in handy).

Here is a tutorial that may be something to check out when needed, as it could help you find what interests you.

You can try “improving” the game.
Like parkour tower, the developer used “tower of hell” as base and added cartoon graphic and some new game element (spawn point flag).
That will be a lot easier than thinking of a new and unique game idea

I also recommend TheDevKing. His tutorials and videos are amazing.