Struggling to Develop a Complicated Game [Update: I got what I need. =D]

(I really don’t know which category I should put this topic in, but I tried my best and put this in.)

This is an honest, embarrassing, and disgraceful disclosure.

I’m trying to start a job to make games, and earn money from it. This is my dream really make my own game. The game itself is a high quality, horror game. I have everything planned out and I know it would be super successful that it could really be on the front page. It could only work if I could really have the money and skill to do so.

You see, I don’t have any skill in game development though I’m a very, very talented ambidextrous drawer (only in real life) and idea maker, designer, etc (I could really make super good ideas). Sadly, I just can’t code very well because of my “limitations” [you can tell from my grammar] and I don’t know how to produce anything on the computer. All I’m left with is the curse of only knowing how to draw on paper. I would hire a team, but I can’t afford that type of R$ since I’m producing a very detailed game.

So I’m wondering, is there really anyone that is very advanced (and I mean godlike skills) that could develop games without paying, only just for fun? I’m willing to pay the R$ to my future team if they could really just bare with me. I’ll write down each segment of the game they completed and put a price on (how much they’ll earn from it and I’ll pay them later once I have the money). I’m doing this because it’s something I’m truly passionate about because you could really make things a reality and it’s basically my only key to live really. I can’t do anything else, this is all I have and all I can do.

I lost everything to go college, I can’t earn money, not even a job (but this website), there’s no support for me whatsoever, I know very well that you’re not going to help, I have the imagination and everything planned out (considered a creative genius) but it’s not a skill anyone would consider, no one will ever help and, again, I can’t really learn anything (“limitations”) right, no cares, no one will like my ideas or my logic because they really don’t seem to understand (they’d get confused on what I’m saying and finally understand and give in), nor will they admit they’re wrong, I could see it in their eyes and they’re deceiving and trying to exploit me, no one likes me and my friend (everyone just seems to harm me and say he isn’t real) and you don’t too I bet, I’m trying my hardest—working hard and diligently to find ways to survive but I just lose, game development is my passion, and I can never get make my dream come true.

I have the commitment, motivated, and the strength to not give up. When it comes to making my games, I’m hard working! I’ll work my butt off until I can’t even breathe. I’m willing to make this project happen despite the complicated milestones I need to achieve in my situation. The situation on me is getting worse and worse, I was even on knees!

Roblox is really my only hope. I shouldn’t have quit playing it (2008-2012) as I could’ve learned at least something, but never will. I’m trying to find a solution, as I know developing games here will help me a lot. I really trying to convince everyone that being a savant-like idea maker (or whatever professional name is used for it) is also basically a key to a successful game.

My solutions were convincing others that my game is really going to work, I could communicate my ideas with super realistic, detailed drawings (w/ 2 hands), I will pay the R$, never give up, and have motivation to make my project work, they need to understand me, and just bare with me and I promise them that everything will be going fine.

I just need your solutions, any free recruitment (advanced) [and I’ll make a portfolio and collaboration post if I get any request], and help on how I could make a game without any skill but drawing on paper and idea making. Roblox is my dear life. If it’s gone, I’m done for, traumatized forever.



Interesting read to say the least. I don’t think you should be attached to this game like this, it’s very addictive behavior you’re presenting.

Now, you said you can’t earn money (in real life) why is that? Have you applied for jobs, or not? You want to hire people to work for you however you’re not giving any information on a game, more of just saying you have an idea. I’m sure there is someone, however, you’ll need to give more information than what you’re sending here. Probably want to post in the recruitment category too.

You have a very negative outlook, I recommend looking on the bright side of things. Roblox has a vast API doc site to view information on how stuff works. You have this entire form to post questions and concerns.

I don’t know if this will do anything, have you considered freelancing for your art?


This was an emotional ride through your post. From your writing, I agree with @sloss2003 that it seems somewhat unhealthy. You seem passionate but also have issues in the real world. All I can say is try to resolve your real life problems before tackling this challenge. Take care of yourself and be well.


With all due respect, you should start small. First, get a stable job with stable income, because without stability in your life you can’t expect to develop and manage an entire team. If this is your first time making a game, you really don’t know if it will be popular. Knowing what clicks is something you have to get a feel for by releasing a game and failing at it. I agree with all the people above and I really hope things turn out well for you. Remember, start small.

Also, PM me with your game idea, maybe I can give you feedback on it !


If you have no money, no skills, and can’t hire a developer, why are you so obsessed with it? Your situation seems similar to a lot of posts on the collaboration category (i.e. an idea that you think is good, but you can’t develop yourself so you want to hire people to do it for you).

The problem with this is that no one who is actually talented will do this for you. You’ll have people that act like they are, but they aren’t of the same caliber of people who can actually make a solid game. No one good is going to do this for free because they could simply do it themselves, not hired by you, and make all the money themselves. Why give you any money if you didn’t help develop at all?

I hope you see where I’m coming from here. I don’t want to shut down your aspirations but this seems unhealthy. Everyone starts somewhere. My final answer is that you must learn something for yourself, and you’ll have a platform to build on. You mentioned that you’re a good drawer; you could do commissions to build reputation and maybe eventually join a team. But realize that no one is realistically going to make your game for you.


You won’t be able to just make a game if you have an idea, having a good idea is great but without the proper execution it’s going to flop no matter what, and without any prior work to back you up, it’s going to be very difficult to find professional programmers/builders to work for you without pay. Keep in mind a lot of these professional also rely on this website to pay bills/etc. Realistically speaking, even if you were to pitch your idea to a game development team, and they used your idea, you wouldn’t make nearly enough to survive the biggest percentage would go to the programmars and builders who are creating the game, personally I would recommend NOT starting Roblox development especially in your current situation, most developers start as teens/children and if they choose to stay on the website as adults, most of the time they’re already established or successful. You on the other hand, have no experience, and you’re in a dire financial strait, the best option for you as some of the others have said would be to get a job, I respect your drive but it’s borderline obsessive with nothing to back it up. First stabilize your financial situation, this could be a part time job or an desk job, save up some money and if you still want to make a game then come back and make a recruitment post. There’s no magical shortcut to success, you can’t just instantly make a Front page game on your first try, unfortunately you’ll need to learn game development skills, this could be watching tutorials or practicing, none of the godlike people you talk about started out gods, they all worked very hard to get where they were, with years of practice and experience. You could even find an amateur development partner who’s also just starting out and work together to get better with them.

TLDR: Please stabilize your financial situation before trying to make a game, I respect your commitment but realistically speaking it’s not possible.

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You can actually transport your art into a digital file which could be used for commissions, gfx’s, etc.
I won’t be able to help full time, but send me a private message and I’ll send you my discord if you want.

Also, while I understand it’s your dream to make this game, ROBLOX isn’t exactly a stable “career “ type thing. Most people that earn money to make an actual living are very experienced and skilled.

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TL;DR This guy is asking people to develop for him, for free, while he does nothing but planning (including drawing… not sure what this is good for, concept art?), I assume.

This should be in collaboration, though people respond pretty harshly (and rightfully so) to people paying nothing up-front to developers, offering nothing but promises of percentages which are lower than they should be.

I’m not sure what your “limitation” is and why you can’t just try to learn how to build or script. You point out your grammar but it really doesn’t seem bad at all, and it’s a lot better than a lot of others I have seen. Sounds like you are giving up easily. It took me many long breaks between giving up to finally get to a good point in scripting. Asking for “godlike” developers to work for you for free won’t get you very far.

Understand this feeling well.

Roblox is NOT your only hope. There has to be something else you can do. Consider all of your resources, all the places you can apply, the people you can call. Cast a wide net. Not everything will work, nor does it have to. You might be embarrassed. Be embarrassed. It’s worth it. You could be one good phone call away from full time employment.

Sustaining yourself using Roblox is something you can (probably) build up to over time. See the other wonderful replies here for advice on that.

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In your post, you claim that you are not good enough to make the game of your dreams. Let me give you some tips based on my experience (as a person who thought I was not good enough).

  1. Don’t think big. Every endeavour starts small. One thing that I can tell you with full certainty is that the creators of big games, minecraft, Fortnite, even Roblox 100% did not start out “knowing” that their game would be a hit. They took it one step at a time. When they encountered a problem, that solved that single problem and moved on. For example, if they saw that their player count wasn’t that high on first release, they thought of the reason why it wasn’t popular a solved that problem. Ditto. This is logical, you only solve the problems that you encounter because the rest of the problems are not big enough such that you don’t ever even meet them. So don’t look at it subjectively and think that you are not good enough even when the problem you concern yourself with does not arise. Remember: One step at a time, one day at a time. Do not assess the situation in the long term now, that time will come when you when you are old and look back at the past.

  2. Skills are learnt, not naturally given. You claim that you have no skills, so I am going to offer you an unconventional advice: Skills always beat talent. Many people like to subscribe to the conventional wisdom that people have some sort of mystical power called talent that will somehow beat the masses. However, let me ask you something, if you went up to baby Steve Jobs and asked him about how he would redesign a smartphone, I doubt he would describe his plans for the touchscreen iPhone and change the world at that spot because of his ‘talent’ that was obtained from birth. Instead, he wouldn’t utter a word more than baby gibberish. This just shows that Steve Jobs, just like every other person was not talented. He was skilled! He practiced hard and learnt from his mistakes, perfecting his craft until he was the visionary leader that revolutionised the world with the smartphone.

In conclusion, what you need is not expert help from someone else. You just need to take baby steps, a little at a time, solve the problems only when you face them, and continue perfecting your skill. Focus hard on the now, don’t look into the future about how successful you will be because that is not going to help you solve any problems you are facing right now.


Ehh… It’s okay. I’m about quit developing. It’s not for me. I don’t have enough R$ to do it anyways, and I’m too disabled to do it in the first place. That should’ve been a warning sign from the start. My fault, guys. :man_shrugging:

Hmm, addicting? I don’t really think. Also I did freelance my art, not even one was sold. Also I don’t have a negative outlook, why do you think that? Yes, I applied to every job, and they said I suck.
But you have a good idea on posting onto the collaboration category. My idea isn’t just an idea though (has all of the structures, mechanics, and everything made; basically the whole game is playing in my head).
So yeah, I’ll try to post something in the collab. I’ll be asking for free workers, hopefully it works. I’ll postpone the time of when I quit. If it doesn’t work out, RIP.

The thing is, I am helping in a team. I’m basically giving out the ideas. I’ve been trying to make my game for 2+ years and I finally got it. If I started actually having a team back then, I’d be considered working more than I am if I have a team rn. Plus, I’d make a remastered version of it so I can’t work more harder if that’s what they want.
No one understands how hard it is to make such epic games like mines (remember, 2+ years to make in my head). I bet if some tried to make a game like this, you’d die of a severe heat stroke. I am also working, not just sitting there. Now that I can help, I can give my team money according to you. Simple!
As a drawer, I could send my accurate drawings to my team and they can basically know what I am talking about. Everything is planned!
You see? I have to work twice as hard, I have 2 jobs in the team, or 3 because I have to manage crap.
Hopefully you understand my role.

Hmm okay. I’ll decide on how I should type it.

^ Ignore my post before, accident! So firstly, roblox is not your only choice-- you can get a job. If you cant, due to the pandemic or personal reasons – you can take up commissions for drawing. Secondly, a small payment is better than nothing. 500 robux isnt a lot but a lot of devs would be willing to help for a small price. Thirdly, you should really attend college. You dont have to like it but it gets you places and gets you more money in the future, and finally… if your passion is game development then roblox is like the very beginning for game development, you cant have a passion for something you cant do (game development) I think at this point, you should probably stop game development for now or keep it as a small hobby and make a living through drawing or a real life job. That being said, I’m willing to work with you if you really are desperate and have good legitimate answers for my questions. DM me.

I would recommend trying to make group logos for people and sell them to get some robux.

It isn’t going to be that easy. I can only draw on paper sadly.

Then learn how to do digital art ? There’s no point in complaining, if you already have artistic talent that could translate into maybe specializing in building or GFX. Saying you can only draw on paper is just an excuse for your lack of effort.

:man_facepalming: “…lack of effort.” Really?

-but you have got me an idea.

Most of these successful developers you see whose games have reached on the front page, were in your shoes before. Most of their games failed, they tried their best, but they almost gave up just like you. Never gave up, I know it’s easier said than done but trust me, it will be seriously worth the time. Reading your post was also really sad as well. :frowning:

Since you can’t program like you said, you will be a perfect match for others who are in need of game ideas. You can start up a project, where you will organize the project, give game ideas and recruit some serious and dedicated game partners and work on a complicated game. You can use trello to keep your stuff organized. You see, no one today is good or kind enough to make you or work with you for free.

If you want to make a small and light game with me, you can always contact me.