Struggling to find a good price for lore writing

Recently I have been wondering what I should price my lore writing commissions on my portfolio. I have minimum experience and charge 50 :robux_gold: for 10 google docs pages with a max of 20 google docs pages for 100 :robux_gold: . Lowball or too much for the lore?

Portfolio in profile.


50 Robux For 10 pages of writing I would say that is very low


I would raise the prices yeah, especially since it’s a good amount of writing and thought to go into it.


There are two different avenues to consider when charging money (real or virtual) for your work:

  • Price it based on the amount of time and effort you put into the work. This is where hourly rates come from. In this case, you might want to determine the “average” amount of time and work you put into X pages of lore, and think of a robux price for that.

  • Price it based on the final result. This is subjective of course. If your work is high quality and polished, you charge a high price. Rough draft is a lower price. The range of money that you charge depends on your skill level, or often what other people are willing to pay.

In your case I think 100 robux for 20 pages of lore is an extremely low price. If I were you I would charge at least 100 robux per page. Higher if it needs to be proofread and edited afterwards, as that can take hours or days.

Don’t undervalue your work. If you charge a high price and insist that your work is high quality then you will get buyers. But by lowballing like this you make yourself look like a noob. If you believe that your work is good enough, raise the price. Provide examples of your writing for the price in a portfolio.

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I’d double, triple or quadruple your prices. I know very little on lore writing, but I feel like thats too low.


I just changed it to this:
Payment multiplier goes like this:
Star Wars/Medieval Fantasy Lore = x2 Price
Custom Lore = 1.5x Price
Anime Lore: 1.5x Price

Payment Chart:
1 page = 150 :robux_gold:
5 pages = 800 :robux_gold:
10 pages = 1600 :robux_gold:
20 pages = 3300 :robux_gold:
30 pages = 6,800 :robux_gold:
40 pages = 13,700 :robux_gold:
50 pages = 27,500 :robux_gold:

Hourly pay:
1 hour = 350 :robux_gold:

Do you think it’s good?


So there’s a flat rate and then an hourly rate on top?

No, just one, the client chooses which to pay.