Struggling to find the correct directional angle based off mouse location

Hey, I wasn’t really sure how to word this exact problem, as I don’t really know what this kind of method is called… If anyone knows a better way to describe what I’m trying to do feel free to correct me (please)

So I’m trying to find certain points (7 points) of a character based on where you mouse is around it and assigning it a number between -3 and 3, I drew this image to help visualize what I am trying to do:

Right now I have something that sort of works, however on the left side is just all off completely, visual aid of the problem:

(I’m sorry it’s not the best…)

I made a baseplate game with a debug UI so you can see what I am doing (It’s probably easier to see without shiftlock) The script is under StarterPlayerScripts.
MouseAngleProblem.rbxl (110.8 KB)

Any help would be extremely helpful, I’ve been trying to wrap my head around this for a while, I’m not really a math wizz.