Struggling to make a rank system

I’ve been struggling on how to figure out on how to make a rank system that follows

  • Min
  • Max
  • Current

I want to make it where it’s 0% instead of being 15+% or more on a rank that you have not started yet. I’ve been doing (Current / Max) * 100 but I cannot figure out how to implement the ‘Min’

I’d appreciate the support or help I can get, perhaps there is something similar to my question.


local MaxExperience
local MinExperience
if ExperienceModule[Role] then
	MaxExperience = ExperienceModule[Role].Max
	MinExperience = ExperienceModule[Role].Min

local ValueText = (Experience.Value / MaxExperience) * 100
NewTag.Secondary.Text = " Low Rank: "..math.floor(ValueText).."%"

I’ve tried dividing the numbers in the Value Text part but It didnt work lol.