Struggling with importing the new Roblox textures with it's color to Blender

Hello! I am a Gfx artist and I am struggling with textures.

How can I get the new Roblox textures to be imported to blender with it’s right color?
Every time I try most of the time it will give me the texture without it’s color

I have tried getting the right color that it’s from Roblox studio to blender but I will end up with the texture alone.

If anyone knows how I will appreciate the help so much. Thanks!

You’ll just have to recolor it in blender or photoshop since you can’t export the color if the color was applied in studio, unless the color comes from the texture itself. Usually when I import into blender I just don’t even bother and replace the texture with something that is PBR, more customizable, and better looking anyway. A good website to find free PBR textures is ambientcg, and if you need any help texturing parts there are plenty of tutorials on youtube :+1:


I see that can work! Thank you so much!!

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