Struggling with recreating a background of an item

Hey, I recently played this game called obby but you’re a fish and was intrigued by it’s usage of highlighting with it’s in game items. I tried to look for already existing questions and answers for similar topics, but ultimately couldn’t find anything.

To be more specific, my interested was lifted as I was trying to recreate the backgrounds of the in-game currency and couldn’t succeed.
(the background is animated and item is rotating)
robloxapp-20240329-0302259.wmv (216.3 KB)

So how could such a background be recreated? I’m struggling with this specific case, since I have never come across such a background before. Even trying to initiate the recreation was a struggle.

Also sorry if I missed something with this thread, it’s my first one.

It’s tottally BillboardGui. ImageLabel and Rotation

It would be way easier to use particles than BillboardGuis