Struggling with simple game ideas

While I’m aware of how this sounds, I am in desperate need for game ideas that are simple and fun. My last few attempts at making Roblox games have been cut short by me losing motivation on a project halfway through all because I overestimated my ability to create everything in them by myself. I feel like I want to start fresh on my development career by making a handful of simpler games before jumping into a project I’m really passionate about.

Any thoughts?


It doesn’t seem like you’re just struggling with simple game ideas, you’re also losing motivation.
Try to avoid burn out, work whenever you want to but don’t slack off too much. Take breaks often too.

Struggling with game ideas? I suggest you hire someone or ask a friend for help with coming up with game ideas.

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Theres a lot of complexity behind the scenes of creating a Roblox project that many developers don’t seem to talk about often. I see one big issue you are having. Which is lack of motivation. I will focus on that in this reply just so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

  • Motivation is key

Motivation is a key part in creating a successful Roblox game. No matter what you do, you’ll eventually use up your motivation for projects if you don’t correctly:

A. split your project to make for less work
B. Create a plan

Part 1: Dividing your project
I had the same problems starting out as a builder. I was constantly losing motivation for projects with a lot of potential. The reason? I was trying to tackle the whole project in a short period, which eventually lead to me cutting corners by using free models or sloppily creating things that I could have put detail into.
What you need is to divide your project into parts.

For example:
You are making a Town roleplaying game. Instead of trying to create everything in one day, you can focus on 1-2 things every day. In this you will find more motivation to complete projects without being lazy.

Part 2: Making a Plan
Making a game without a plan is like building a house without looking at the blueprints. To succeed, you’ll need to create a plan. I suggest making a blueprint of your map before you build so you don’t have to randomly place everything, which gets old fast.
For example, going back to the idea of an island roleplaying game, I have created a rough blueprint of the map:

As you can see, it helps give a sense of organization, which Is less overwhelming than just winging it as you go along.

I hope this helps you stay motivated while creating projects!


If I could give you something that’s easy and fun, I would have already done so.
I suggest you to re-make starving artists but instead of 2D paintings it’s 3D models built in game with pixels.


Indeed! I drew 5 different maps in total and wrote a 45 slide doc. One of the best ways to maintain motivation is planning. And a secret one,

Hire a team of DEVs, it’ll give you more responsibility

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