Stud Builder Changelog

This contains a list of all changes for Stud Builder.

Stud Builder is a system which is designed to excel at simplistic building while maintaining more of the advanced tools and techniques. This is the essential sequel to Grid Builder, a primitive version which is built to excel purely at speed rather than complex design.

This script is designed to be used in Script Executor games, and contains features such as:

  • Build Saves : Allow users to save their work for a future time,
  • Grid Snap : Give users an easier time perfecting their designs,
  • Color Picker : Provide users the full spectrum of color, as well as grayscale,
  • Tools : Allow users to move and resize parts they created,
  • Keybinds : Maintain speed by providing multiple shortcuts to significantly lower the amount of time it takes to create,
  • Much more!

Require: require(12386972198).grant("PlayerName");

v1.1 - Selection & Coloration

  • Color Picker; allows users of the script to recolor parts!

  • Multi Select support; enables users to effect multiple parts at once, increasing the efficiency!

  • Post-Variant application; allows users to change the variant of a part after it’s been placed!

  • Fixed keybinds from being activated when typing in a textbox.

  • Fixed moving/resizing parts also changing the Variant.

v1.2 - In The Backpack

  • Added a tool giving function which allows you to build using a tool rather than the UI being put directly in your face all the time. The tool also stores all of the functionality rather than leaving the components in external services, making the tool completely independent. Use .giveBTool(playerName) to get the new tool.
  • Tweaked the selection system and fixed the same stud getting selected more than once.

  • Bulked certain actions to speed up things.

There might be an oversight related to resizing, as bulk position and size changing is now incremental rather than fixed. In other words, everything else selected mirrors the changes of the last selected.