Studify - Spotify Integration for Roblox Studio

Studify is a plugin that lets you control Spotify without having to leave Studio


  • Skip to Previous Track
  • Skip to Next Track
  • Play/Pause
  • Mute/Unmute
  • Show Progress
  • Show Track Title and Artists

You can request a feature here


Studify Plugin
Studify Server

How to use:

  1. Open a Command Prompt in the folder that you downloaded Studify Server to
  2. Run .\studify-server.exe
  3. A page should now open in your default web browser where you can grant Studify access to your Spotify Account
  4. Enable the Studify Plugin in Roblox Studio
    Enable Studify Example

Studify won’t work?
Please report any Studify bugs here.
Please report any Studify Server bugs here.



Do I need Spotify Premium?
Q: Do I need a Spotify Premium subscription for this program to work?
A: Yes, unfortunately, the Spotify Web API is not available for free users at this time.

Is Studify Server a virus?
Q: My web browser says Studify Server could damage my computer, is this a virus?
A: No, that’s just a warning that shows up for executables with few downloads and it will go away as more people download Studify Server. If you don’t trust me you can download the Studify Server Github Repository and read the code for yourself and then follow the instructions to make the executable.

How do I contribute?
Q: I would like to contribute to the development of Studify or Studify Server, how do I do that?
A: Fork the repository of the project(Studify or Studify Server) that you would like to contribute to, make the changes and open a pull request.

How do I revoke Studify’s Permissions?
Q: I no longer want to use Studify, how do I revoke Studify’s access to my Spotify Account?
A: App permissions can be revoked here


kinda pog ngl. I might test this after class


I don’t really see a use for this plugin, we could just hover over the Spotify logo and press buttons.


I presume the use is for people that are lazy lol. But really though, I do see these a lot. They’re cool in theory but kinda useless

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definitely gonna use this hehe, ty bro very cool

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Can’t argue with the free price tag.


You MUST have Spotify Premium for this too work, I just tested it.

There you go, now I can listen to my favourite hits without switching tabs.

I go some things to ask about it though:-

  1. Is there a search bar where I can search songs?
  2. Is there any feature called " Liked playlists ", like the original Spotify?
  3. Can it be run offline?

Really interesting plugin. Not very useful to me but a really cool demo regardless. I can see people with single monitor setups using this to prevent losing focus to switch their music.

Neat idea!

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  1. No, you could make a feature request though.
  2. Same answer as above.
  3. Unfortunately not as it makes use of the Spotify Web API.

Yes, unfortunately, the Spotify Web API is not available for free users at this time.

How do I know this isn’t a virus? Windows Defender even says that it could cause harm.

I answer this question in the FAQ

and you could also do that
(I have 2 buttons on my mouse dedicated to volume)
(yes it is)

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Hm, this is pretty nice though. This allows me be a little more lazier.

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Very sorry for the bump, but I have to warn you, if you install this plugin, there isn’t any easy way to uninstall it, in my case.

It prints hundreds of errors in studio to the console, which stops me from viewing the real errors.