Studio and PlayerLauncher not loading properly?

I’ve been experiencing this problem for a few days now. First of all, my particle flipbooks in one of my place bugged out. It either tells me that there’s an error in image size (Which should be impossible since I literally use the same flipbooks by a lot and this is the first time I encountered the error.) or it just disables it.

Moreover, whenever I play in the platform, most models and even textures just don’t load, though I really don’t mind. The main problem is, the studio, which is not just the particles not loading properly, but it’s also starting to affect my models and textures, even ROBLOX’s default skybox is not loading.


If the sky actually does load, this happens:

I have tried several methods to fix all these like:

  • Reinstalled both ROBLOX studio and playerlauncher for 2 times already.
  • Creating another place to put my meshes or assets on. (This happens too)
  • Rebooting my laptop (Though this problem has already persisted for almost a week now)
  • Rejoining Studio until it fixes itself (Yes, this works, but it takes dozens of times to actually make every asset load."

Could this be because of my laptop? My laptop is an old Lenovo Thinkpad X240 which was released back in 2013. Thus, this laptop is already a decade old which might explain on ROBLOX not loading properly anymore. Or could it be my area is affected by some sort of lagging? Or could it be something else? Please answer, this is literally affecting my career as a freelancer, with no hopes of fixing this problem.


You’re not alone, Something went wrong sn update or two ago. The only fix we have right now, at the moment, is to change your IP address. I don’t know why, but it works. I’m doing it with ProtonVPN. (Because it’s free) There are plenty of other options though. Hopefully Roblox will fix it soon, so we don’t need VPN’s in the first place.


You do not need a VPN. You can restart your router as an alternative.

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