Studio and teleportation

I am making quite a big game map, but it will be hard to get to certain points. Can we pinpoint them for things like teleportation?

You can create different places, and link them together using TeleportService. Here is a link to the API:

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I don’t really want to do that if I can help it. How would someone like @TwentyTwoPilots on UD do it?

what kind of teleportation? Between places or in the same place to different areas?

you can make a tiny invisible block for the telporting positions, and whenever you want the player to be teleported use the :MoveTo() function to teleport them to the block, ex:


The player character can be referenced directly with game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character without the need for a function that runs in linear time.

yeah sorry im used to doing it that way, i guess i could try your way sometimes, it is simpler, thanks :slight_smile:

What I meant was when I am in studio and I need to tp around to places due to the large map. Would that still apply?

Yes, you can teleport players physically around a map by setting the position of their HumanoidRootPart

Yes the script i gave you would work with what you are trying to achieve. If you give me your code i could edit it to what you need

No that wouldnt work im quite sure, i tried once and if it is seperated from player, player dies (i think)
You would need to teleport each individual part in the player, that would include complicated math (not really) and it would be very time consuming, when :MoveTo() moves the entire model in a simple line, and if the position is isnide a block, the model is teleported to the highest possible point above it. Ex: The position is inside the terrain, the player will still teleport above the terrain. Ex: the position is inside a block under a room, the player will be teleported to the highest point wich would be the room, if there is enough space for the player to fit.

Do you mean teleporting your editing camera around? and not in game

Wow, if he means that i am very dumb. :frowning:

Oh wait @xJxck_yy i have a solution to your problem, simply make a folder in the workspace, make a bunch of small parts where you want to teleport, name them to know where you are going, select any and press F, if you didn’t know, F teleports your studio camera to the part that is selected. So then you wouldnt have to move around for hours. Let me know if this is what you mean. :slight_smile:


Moving humanoidrootpart is valid solution and won’t kill player or doesn’t require “complicated math”.

I just tested it in my game, the camera moves with it and it gets all mixed up, does not teleport correctly.

Here’s my very quickly-written script that is tested and works.

	if (hit.Parent:FindFirstChild("HumanoidRootPart")) then
		hit.Parent.HumanoidRootPart.CFrame = workspace.GoTo.CFrame


If you’re going to make assumptions about how things work, at least try to test them out in studio first.

You are changin position, try moving CFrame.

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Bro i did say i think didnt i? and i did test it myself, it didnt work.

Yes I do mean that, as it makes it easier.