Studio Auto closing when there is an Update

When ever you try to open a second studio window, it check for an update. If there is an update, it will auto close all your other windows without allowing you to save while it updates. Could you guys at least give us a warning and allow us to save our stuff? I’m tired of studio updates causing me to loose everything I’ve worked on.


We are looking into this.


I believe this has been fixed since Studio version 394. Please let us know if you still see a problem in case there is a separate issue. Thanks!


It just haoppend again to me. I opened a second studio window, and it said ROBLOX needed to update, then proceeded to close all my other studio windows without warning. The ones that were closed were team create ones so maybe thats why it didnt ask to save, becuase TC never asks.

If you have unsaved changes, a prompt will tell you to save your work

i try to test my game and the same thing is happend, before i save… i must try the game but its closed automatically… so i always open my lastest project with Place-AutoRecovery0

maybe With Windows 8.1 is always happened… i must upgrade my laptops by buying windows 10

Closing out old bugs - this was resolved last year, Studio will not close instances for updates unless the user manually opts to update.