Studio Basics[BETA] - The Automating Studio Plugin

Today I would like to release the plugin Studio Basics made in collaboration with @hya123456h . This plugin can be used to save items you always want in a default Studio file. The plugin is currently is in BETA so if you experience any errors please report them here so we can fix them.

What you can expect to not work:

  • DropDown Menu
  • Properties Menu
  • Property Read Only Error

What you can expect to work:

  • Saving across places
  • Loading and renaming others with the same name
  • Binning the basics

Please do not expect this to be an expertly polished plugin as this is both our first times

My workspace empty

What it looks like when I save it


After I load them in the same save

After I load them in a different save

Plugin Link: [BETA]Studio Basics - Roblox

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I didn’t understood at all what the plugin does…
Can you show prints or videos showing it working?

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Added in some images which hopefully helps make it clearer as I am unsure on how to make a video on it

Seems to just be a plugin that inserts preset Instances on new place creation. Personally, I think it’s a good idea but the naming should be changed to better explain what it actually does.

What do you suggest we change the name to be?

That’s up to you, but I might suggest “Studio Presets”.

Well I meant as in like the Basics you would need for studio