Studio Beta: Change in behavior of underwater transparency

I hope that in the future they can bring floor rays from the sun into the ocean floor

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It sounds amazing! I will use this.

But the original post was in November 2019, and is being added in 2021?

Anyways, I still love the feature!

Thanks roblox!

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Why not just add another slider/sliders for the underwater fog…


I would like to see sliders to control the underwater fog as well


That would be really nice to have.

Wow, this update is great and is something I’ve been wanting for a long time.

However, I don’t get why the range wasn’t just expanded to 10 instead of keeping the 0-1 limit. It would make more sense to do what @HollowMariofan said, which would do exactly what this new update does but without messing with the appearance of games that aren’t maintained anymore.

This is an engine change, so the entire Roblox engine gets changed by this, you cant just keep it disabled on some games and enabled on others.

The best way to make these changes is to tell the developer to change them. This isn’t even a game breaking change, so why are you complaining about something positive?

Water transparency at 0.01:

Water transparency at 0:

Is this intentional? Anyways, water looks so much lovelier now!


I’m imagining a new Terrain boolean property that has no value in current places but is automatically set to True in new places, and some sort of notification or message alerting the developer of the new change when they edit their game in Studio, allowing them to update their game.

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Yeah this is weird IMO. Since a lot of people are also complaining about backwards compatibility with old games, and Roblox themselves worry about that stuff a lot, it doesn’t really make sense to me why they didn’t just add a separate underwater visibility slider. That would be 5x as useful as the somewhat arbitrary change they made - What people are claiming as a simple, obvious improvement that makes “more games possible” is really just sliding “what games the water works for” in the opposite direction without much improvement to the actual issue - Which is not being able to control under water visibility without messing up the regular transparency of the water from above it.


This is a good update, but not being able to have two properties for water transparency and water visibility is making this update a bit pointless. I would like to have two properties that can control this feature how we want it, these properties would also not break the look of older games and such.

It doesn’t make it completely fogless. If you read the post, setting WaterTransparency to 1 increases the fog distance to 2000 studs.

Please make underwater fog a different property.

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We need an Underwater and above the water transparency and Roblox’s reflection is bad because it reflexes the sky not the objects around it.

A much needed change in behaviour to water. It will provide so many more new use cases for water and increase the number of games that can make use of it!

As always, thank you for listening to the community and implementing features based on our feedback. :tada:

i think you misread, he set it at 0, not 1

I do agree, this goes along with the new textures that might come older games can’t do anything about this sadly, but overall I don’t see why they couldn’t just do it automatically…

I like this announcement! continue

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Looks Lit :smiley: