Studio Beta for Experience Controls Available Now

On iPhone 4 it takes the whole top space

Unless I’m mistaken I don’t think you can actually play Roblox on an iPhone 4 anymore :sweat_smile:

He is probably talking about the testing Device Emulator in Studio,it should be possible to run it on almost anykind of device like that,but its gonna lag a lot and be completely unplayeble,for example i used an Samsung Galaxy A20S for performance testing,its a pretty low end device it runs Roblox but lags quite a bit

I guess Roblox couldn’t get the hint that the UI took up too much space, because they made it take up even more space.


This just feels like they’re admitting defeat with how convenient the old chat button was, but I actually preferred having it hidden under the collapsible unibar. And doesn’t this defeat the whole point of MRU?

There is not really any need to test it for the iPhone 4 anymore as it isn’t supported on Roblox anyway.

oh really?why dont they remove it from the emulator then?i guess that im lucky because all this time ive been tesiting on the iphone 5 :d

I don’t know, they probably forgot.

Do you mean a iPhone 5s? Because I don’t think roblox supports the normal iPhone 5 either anymore, according to the Mobile System Requirements it is required to have iOS 11 or greater and the normal iPhone 5 stopped support at iOS 10.

yeah my bad i meant the iphone 5s,its also funny that before a couple of years i was able to play Roblox on a Samsung S4 duo mini

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unsure if this is just me but they’ve reverted to the original controls, I’m assuming this is not the case for others?

will admit the ui was a bit better by simplistic design however it was too off-fitting and didnt fit in with a understandable design in my personal opinion

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With the TopbarSafeInsets API in mind, I feel like that there should be a built-in plugin or an addition to allow us to see how the ScreenGui looks without having to run play mode just to see. I’m trying to create Gui using this new Api but when I set the ScreenGui’s ScreenInsets, It takes up the whole screen instead of how it should look when I go in play mode. How are we supposed to create the Gui if we can’t even see how it will appear.

Correct me if I’m wrong if this already exist and just isn’t happening for me, thanks

O fine I always tested on iPhone 4 on the emulator cuz that the smallest device so there more space for ui

I Have been using this UI for a bit and it has worked fine up until now, and it is suddenly having issues giving me the error ***ERROR*** std::bad_alloc CreatePlayer. I can usually spawn in once after opening studio in which my console will be flooded with complaints about the new screenshot feature thing, and then on the next attempt, studio crashes. I disabled the Beta option for this, and studio is working fine again, so idk what it is but something seems to be struggling with this.

edit: I deleted the captures i took and turned it off and then re-enabled the beta feature and now it is working fine with this feature again, so it seems that something with the captures feature is clashing with this one when captures are enabled and have some pictures.

Is there any update on when this will be available in game? Because when I test the UI in studio looks perfect, but ingame it looks very off puting

how do i get rid of this…?
please i dont want it


I thought ROBLOX gave up on the new topbar when they gave me back the old topbar! :​D to me until i see people saying they have the new topbar. :​D :D :​| |: D: D: D:<

Yeah, a little confused too. Either my buttons are setup for the new style or the old style, but since PC gets the new style and Mobile gets the old, kind of makes a lot of unnecessary work to create a template for both types and have to keep both types updated. :melting_face:

This is probably one of the worst updates I’ve seen implemented to Roblox in a while. The UI is more bulky and forces us to redesign every UI element that has IgnoreGuiInset set to false. It’s ridiculous that people were actually paid to come up with this. It’s horrendous and takes away from immersion in every scenario.

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Wtf I got the new one and now I’m back by the old one Roblox is broke on this point

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