Studio box mouse dragging is buggy

When using the mouse to select multiple parts in studio, there is some weird behavior.

These gifs were taken on two sperate places, so the problem is not game specific.

Problem 1
It seems like you can drag near/inside other on-screen GUI elements

Problem 2
On a medium sized place, the dragging is incredibly laggy. The box lags behind the mouse, and studio moves at a snails pace


The second example is also happening to me but way worse. It mostly started when I put around 25 dummies in the workspace with clothes, but my selection box lags behind at like 4 FPS…

Edit: It gets a lot worse if you have Constraint Details enabled.

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#1 is a known issue that is partially fixed by the Lua Draggers (They will still miss the mouse-up event if you end the drag over an active GUI, but will at least let you box select over one)

Edit: It gets a lot worse if you have Constraint Details enabled.

How many parts / attachments are there in the place you’re experiencing the problem with? Run the following code in the command bar to find out:

local n = 0 for _, o in pairs(game.Workspace:GetDescendants()) do if o:IsA("Attachment") or o:IsA("BasePart") then n = n + 1 end end print(n)

Enabling the Lua Draggers fixed some of the lag with #2 as well. The lag returned after hovering over a few items.

We’re looking into the degraded box select performance (#2) as well.

There’s actually a general issue with selection changes having degraded performance, so the Lua Draggers will make little difference for the most part, even if they help a bit in some scenarios such as when you have a lot of Attachments in your place.


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