Studio bug impacting camera movement

Today I opened up roblox studio and planned to work on some animations but I noticed that the camera movement felt very buggy, here’s what i mean.

here is me rotating the camera upward. It was smooth like always.

here is me rotating my camera down, you can see that the camera started stuttering and refused to rotate. It felt very tight and scuffed. At first I thought this was a plugin issue but after turning off all of my plugin and restarting the studio, nothing changed. I also thought it was an issue with my mouse or mousepad but it works fine in game.

If I pull down really far, I can pull my camera down but it feels very unnatural.

here is my camera’s properties.

I am not aware if this is a widespread issue or just me but if anyone knows of any ways to fix this it would be really helpful. I will update this post if I find a way to fix it.


maybe you have any camera plugins for studio?

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not as far as i know, after i turned off all of the plugins i had it still happen

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Last thing that comes to my mind is that this probably happens because of a mouse right button

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i don’t know why but closing this upper bar seems to help with it

it still happens though it happens less

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can confirm this still happens. a lot.

This suddenly started happening to me again since a day or two ago… and it’s bad.

When I try to pan the camera straight up/down, it pulls to the right, a LOT, there is also the erratic jittering but that’s barely noticeable.

Video demonstrating me panning straight up and down multiple times and suddenly the bug occurs when I move whilst holding left click

I have completely removed studio and re-installed it and nothing fixed it.

Try this plugin I found, I had an issue where my camera kept rotating downwards