Studio Bug? | Studio Updates EVERY Time It Runs AND Roblox (client+studio) Runs as Administrator

I have over the course of the past two weeks encountered one hell of a weird Studio bug.

Nearly every time I run Studio (I almost always run from the website/dashboard, but have attempted from the desktop as well) it wants to update itself, even if it had just done so 10 minutes ago. This is especially frustrating when you attempt to open a second Studio window and it forces the original one to close in order to update, which often leads to that window crashing and progress on it being lost.

As if that isn’t bad enough, Studio and the Roblox game client both have been randomly running themselves as administrator. I will mention that not a single setting on Roblox or on Windows is causing it to do this. I have dug through every settings and properties tab that is even remotely relevant on both Roblox and my PC. This is very annoying because when Studio runs as administrator, you cannot drag and drop .rbxm files from Windows Explorer and drop them into Studio. On the same token, if the Roblox game client runs as administrator, voice applications such as Discord will not allow you to use Push To Talk capabilities (unless you re-launch Discord as administrator, which is equally annoying).

Why on earth is Roblox doing this, and how did it get this messed up? Is there anything I can do on my end, that I have not yet attempted, to fix this?

I will mention I’ve also uninstalled Studio both by using the Uninstall program and also by physically deleting the versions folder’s contents.


This is kind of what is happening to me too. I can’t even save colors or anything on studio which is super weird.

Edit: This is a big problem roblox, could you please fix this bug where we can’t event set the Color3 of an object or lighting background? Also why is ROBLOX updating everytime we play the game? Please fix these bugs, and thank you.

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I JUST noticed the color issue today. When using the color picker to set a Color3 it often resets the color, which is very strange. I noticed if you undo about 2-3 times it sometimes puts the color back where you wanted it.


It’s been doing this for me too as of the past couple of days. Every time I open it has to install an update and I have to log back in, has anyone found a solution to this? very frustrating.