Studio CanUserChatAsync Manipulation


As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to see what the experience of your player is like if they’re unable to chat.

I’m going to make it so a separate project I’m working on always has the chat window open (even if you’re not allowed to), but won’t show chats if you don’t have permission (CanUserChatAsync), but instead only emotes (i.e. Player1 has picked up a book.). Simple, but in order to test how this experience works if you don’t have permission to chat, I either have to make a new account without chatting permission or lower my own chat permissions. It’s a bit of a pain, and it’d be nice if Roblox let us change the result of CanUserChatAsync in Studio to make it easier to test.

Futhermore, I just figured out you can’t test a chatless experience at ALL in studio testing.


Since CanUserChatAsync is simply a boolean, you should be able to emulate this yourself rather easily.

local function CanUserChatAsyncEmulation()
    -- yield a bit to mimic web request
    return true


The default chat scripts will only use CanUserChatAsync, though.


You can override it during development if youre simply testing. ctrl+shift+F tells me the chat script uses the method 4 times

If youre trying to test the default chat to see what it does, I can ensure you that the roblox chat scripts are thoroughly tested for this case. If you are making your own chat anyway, overriding or deleting the chat scripts you may as well replace these 4 instances yourself or continue making your own solution


What you’re referring to would’ve been inconvenient for what I imagined. It’s irrelevant now for me considering I found out Roblox doesn’t remove the chat window if you had the right privacy filter, which was the reason I made this request.