Studio causing my PC to freeze up

I’m on WIndows 10 & running the latest update (Yes, even the one that came out a week ago).

Running Surface Book 2: i7 8650U, 16GB RAM + GTX 1060 + Intel HD Graphics 620

I’m not sure if it’s possible to repro but here’s what I did:

  • Used studio for a few hours just fine
  • Put an imagebutton in
  • Put a freshly uploaded decal on it
  • Went to change TextLabel.TextColor3
  • Used the ‘Pick color on screen’ button
  • Resized studio to try and grab a color not in studio (doesn’t work btw)
  • Studio started going crazy

First my PC froze for a few seconds. Then google chrome froze and my YouTube stopped playing. Then the entire PC froze again for a few seconds and going back into studio the last rendered frame had been saved and stretched across the viewport, no longer updating. The rest of studio (ex: the properties/explorer) still worked fine. Then my PC froze again but this time when it came back it was in 1024x768 resolution. Since then I’ve closed studio and set the resolution back manually and haven’t had any issues (haven’t restarted my PC yet).

Here’s what the output showed before I quit studio

03:42:40.226 - Place.rbxl was saved (x11)
03:42:55.058 - Place.rbxl was auto-saved
03:43:13.922 - Place.rbxl was saved
03:43:34.751 - Image "C:/Users/genya/Dropbox/Projects/Secret/Images" failed to load in "StarterGui.ScreenGui.ImageButton.Image": Unexpected URL
03:46:26.815 - Place.rbxl was saved (x3)
03:47:09.960 - Error creating render target view: 80070057 (x361)
03:47:10.021 - Place.rbxl was saved
03:47:15.861 - Error creating render target view: 80070057 (x352)

You don’t happen to have GeForce Game Ready Driver 397.31? It really made for odd conflicts with Roblox. (and has since been hotfixed by Nvidia as the driver itself was bugged)


Will check next time I’m on.