Studio Clock - The most innovative plugin on the roblox platform

The first thing I do when I get a new computer, without fail, is make sure that I see the taskbar as little as possible. This comes with one major drawback - you can’t tell what time it is. My plugin, “Studio Clock”, was rigorously developed over a period of years in order to solve this problem.

Studio Clock is a plugin that adds a widget to your studio that displays the current time in a 12 hour format, and how long you’ve been working in your current session. It currently only supports dark theme, but in the future I may add light mode support, along with a 24 hour option.

If this interests you, it’s available for completely free HERE.


Never, and I mean never, have I ever seen such an innovative resource put up on the deform, and for free at that! This is truly groundbreaking technology and after using it, I can’t say I will ever go back to a normal clock, in fact, I may just run studio in the background forever!


im glad to hear i could have such a profound impact on your life


such innovative plugin, worth using


I put this up there with Datastore Editor, Moon Animator 2, and AutoScale. Insane innovation on this platform.


Wow man thanks for this. Now I wont have to move my eyes a few degrees to see the clock. Nor would I have to press F11 to see the clock!


Oh, how I marvel at the ingenuity of this plugin! This clock is a masterpiece of design and functionality, a sublime solution to the vexing problem of not seeing the time while working in Roblox Studio. No longer do I have to strain my eyes to glimpse the taskbar, for now I have a glorious display of the current hour and minute right in my workspace. How convenient, how elegant, how indispensable!

Mere peasants think that this is just a plugin, but oh my, are they wrong! This is a work of art. The font, the color, the position, everything is perfect! It blends seamlessly with the Studio interface, enhancing its aesthetic appeal and usability. It is a joy to behold and a pleasure to use. I can’t imagine working without it!

This plugin deserves all the praise and recognition it can get. It is a game-changer, a life-saver, a must-have for any serious developer. It is the best thing ever posted to the Developer Forum. It could win an award, it could make history, it could change the world!

And to all of you who have not a single knowledge of how beautiful this plugin is. It is not merely a simple clock, but a sophisticated tool that can do wonders for your productivity and creativity. It can inspire you, motivate you, challenge you, and reward you! It can make you a better developer, a better person, a better human being!

This is a miracle, a gift from the heavens, a blessing from the gods, a favor from the universe. It is the answer to your prayers, the fulfillment of your dreams, the realization of your potential. It is the ultimate plugin, the only plugin, the plugin of plugins. This plugin is simply divine.

Unfortunately to keep things in topic, and honestly speaking

I doubt anyone would want to have a clock in their workspace. I would unironically use it if I could plan stuff, like work times and break times. And have an alarm for them or something.


I really wish I thought of this first. This revolutionary idea is going to make you so much money, congrats! I don’t have feedback, it’s totally perfect!


Why is this FREE? This is a shame to the roblox marketplace. Such innovative plugin, is just FREE. It should be for 350 robux, at the bare minimum. I say 1350 robux is the perfect price for this. But FREE? Setting this as the price for this innovative plugin is like eradicating a zebra. This has replaced the MID windows taskbar’s clock. I will never see a plugin like this ever in my life. Such a shame to set the price for this plugin to be FREE. Imagine the effort used for this plugin.


Another day, another attention seeker.


Well, this is my second time seeing a real-life time Plugin built for Studio. If we’re all concerned about seeing the time, just make your taskbar visible so you’re able to see the weather :woman_shrugging:

This shouldn’t be a problem regardless of whether you want to be as minimalistic as possible.


Come on, people want to have fun sometimes. They’re not hurting you, right?


I mean, we both agree that this is the Developer Forum and should behave properly while we’re here.

Doesn’t really matter. He didn’t break any rules, he just posted a resource (clearly useless) but it still is a resource. Despite the obvious ironic language and OP’s intentions, you can just not care. No rules broken, no feelings broken.

Anyway, I should drop this as well. Back to developing.


What taskbar?

If this is an honest attempt at making a clock plugin, I’d recommend you add a sizable amount of new features as multiple current plugins offer the same functionality.

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Plugin of the year for sure. Bravo.


yeah im eventually gonna add cool stuff like that, i just wanted to share it because i cant actually bother to work on it rn lol


im glad that my innovative plugin has reached the likes of you mr nick


thank you. my roblox development empire grows more and more every day


People make clock plugins to farm likes when they post it in the devforums, but I do hate them because I can see the time at the bottom of my screen

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For 350 or even above 1000 robux, that is too expensive for a clock plugin

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