Studio closing all opened instances when opening new Studio instance and automatically triggering an update

I had a few instances of roblox studio opened and when I opened up a new one it automatically triggered an update and closed my other instances of studio. It did notify me about one them closing with a dialog due to it being a local copy that wasn’t recently saved. But even clicking the cancel option does nothing, it shuts it down anyways.

Here are the logs of the studio sessions that got shut down.
0.616.0.6160659_20240320T022207Z_Studio_46E97_last.log (147.1 KB)
0.616.0.6160659_20240320T012110Z_Studio_DEE4D_last.log (4.0 MB)
0.616.0.6160659_20240320T191158Z_Studio_25B90_last.log (7.8 MB)

Here are some logs that ended up in temp as a result of the event:
RBX-08BAE02D.log (29.0 KB)
RBX-2592D949.log (4.9 KB)
RBX-3562D919.log (5.3 KB)
RBX-F68DCB9D.log (18.5 KB)

I’m hoping these are of some use.


Hello, I see that this could be due to a complete crash of your Roblox Studio. In the meantime, make sure to save everything so you don’t lose anything. You will receive feedback from a Roblox technician who will submit a ticket on this post to provide you with a more appropriate update. You will have to wait a bit, but it is necessary to save, it has nothing to do with your computer, it is the functioning of your studio. Have a good day.

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Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when we have an update for you.