Studio corrupts my scripts sometimes?

I’ve recently noticed that Roblox Studio is corrupting some of my scripts…?

It happens randomly, I’m seeking help here as this is affecting my game a lot.

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There is a process to post in categories that you don’t have access to;

From the snippet you post it is not clear what part is actually being corrupted. You’d need to elaborate more. (this was x and now became y after doing z)


I’ve never seen anything like this before. Are you sure that Roblox is doing this and not a malicious plugin or program?

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This is a malicious plugin causing this, not Roblox studio. Check your plugins and see if any of them are created by a sketchy user or have an unreasonably high level of takes.

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I have…

  • Roundify by Stelrex
  • Classic Animation Editor by TheRings0fSaturn
  • Tag Editor by Tiffnix
  • Asset Importer by HiddenGraphics
  • Import Character Plugin by DestroyerTha1st
  • Quick Insert by Coltite
  • Gui Positioning Tools by Zawie
  • Weld Plugin by Ozzypig
  • Model Resize Plugin 2.1 by DaMrNelson
  • Roblox Best Infection Remover by Master3395 (Might be this one, not sure although as it has never caused me any problems)

It creates a bunch of jibberish stuff, always happens on Connects (EX: :Connect(Jibberish…function()

Backdoor plugins usually are clones made to look like real ones. Only install from sources you know well and trust. These plugins insert malicious code into your scripts to allow exploiters to fire remotes to execute code on the server.

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I haven’t had any new plugins for a while, and it just started happening. Either a plugin that was originally wasn’t malicious, went to being a malicious plugin or Roblox studio is being weird.

Ideally you’d verify that it doesn’t happen if you disable all plugins and create a test script in a new place.

Please post links to the plugins you have installed. Get the links from your plugin management page in Studio.

I deleted a few plugins I did not need, but here it is.

From my view, I think it is Smoothify.

Have a check at that. The others seem to check out fine as I’ve seen their name or their plugin mentioned here.

I have removed them, If the issue percists, I will be sure to ask the community again,

It’s Smoothify.


Ok! Remember to set the solution at the end. It’ll help other people as well.