Studio crash on MacOS Mojave when grouping these parts

I noticed my Roblox Studio is often crashing on my MacBook especially when I group items. I know I’ve heard about several crash report with studio on mac and know other people that are having issues with that.

This time I have a particular case; every time I try to group the parts from my crate, studio stop responding and I have to Force Quit it. I tried several times with all the Graphic Mode but it does the bug every single time making it impossible for me to group parts of this item.

I have a MacBook Pro with MacOS Mojave (10.14.5)

Here is the particular parts I am trying to group that makes my studio crash.

Crate.rbxl (15.2 KB)

In this file there is the Crate group. It is already a group but inside I tried to make two separate groups, one for the inside and the other for the outside. Basically, when I try to only group all the Parts that are not yet grouped (the outside), my studio stop responding.


I know there are other cases where my studio crashes but I haven’t taken care to notice when since they are more rare.

I nearly spent 2h on this case, from redoing my crate due to not saving it before the bug to trying to understand, by testing multiple times and by writing this post.

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I am on macOS High Sierra, so this may be why I unfortunately can’t replicate this. Even though I’m one software update behind, our specs shouldn’t be too different.

I downloaded the .rblx and I still can’t replicate. Demonstrative animated GIF

Pro-tip: Roblox Studio performs much more smoothly when less softwares are opened. Opening softwares like Discord (application) and Roblox whilst using Roblox Studio will majorly decrease performance.

Actually almost everything I try to group crashes my Studio. :expressionless:

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I unfortunately can’t replicate. I hope this gets solved for you soon.

I actually think I solved the problem by reinstalling Roblox Studio. I’ll update if it happens again.

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