Studio Crashes On Launch (MacOS High Sierra)

Roblox Studio crashes on launch 100% of the time with the message “RobloxStudio quit unexpectedly”.

I am running Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.5.
Reinstalling/restarting/etc. has no effect on the issue.

This issue has been occurring ever since May 2018, when I received this laptop. Roblox Studio has never worked on this computer.

I also tried searching for any Roblox files in the directory manually to remove them, but it appears Roblox Studio doesn’t install fully, because when I go to Library->Preferences there are no Roblox settings there.

Any suggestions for other things I can try? I would like to be able to use Roblox Studio on this computer.


Sorry about the crash! By any chance is your file system configured to be case-sensitive?

My file system is configured to be case-sensitive.