Studio crashes trying to open certain places

I can’t open certain places. Studio tries to use over 11 GB of memory and then gives up. Other people are able to open them. The place files I’m trying to open are around 3 MB. I can open simpler places.

2 places I can't open

I have one saved as a file and studio can’t open it from a file either. I don’t know when this started happening but it wasn’t happening around a month ago. I tried reinstalling and restarting. Windows 10, Intel i7-9750H, 16 GB RAM


Same issue except I cant open any place, not one. Tried restarting PC and reinstalling Studio.
Update: Can also not play any roblox game. I do have dump files.
I am suspecting this is my PCs fault but I will investigate further.


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Have you enabled the beta feature of NewLuaTypeChecking?
If so, could disable it to see if it helps?