Studio Crashes Upon Moving A Keyframe to the End of an Animation

I am not sure why or how this happens, but Studio crashes everytime I move a keyframe to the end of an animation, for no apparent reason.

I’m not sure if this is fixable, but it is something I think the animation plugin team should look into fixing!

Hey, is this still an issue? I’m not able to reproduce this so any extra information would be great.


This happens after moving a keyframe to the end, and then unmaximizing the studio window.

I’ve noticed Studio doesn’t crash entirely, but everything but rescaling the property panels and the ribbon bar are frozen in place.

There has to already be a keyframe at the end of the animation, then create another one and move it to the end of the animation timeline.

So you’re essentially setting two keyframes into the exact same position right at the end?

Ah I see, I just managed to reproduce it. Give me a second.



Step 1: Create an R6 NPC using the AnimationEditor.rbxmx plugin

Step 2:

Create a basic animation

Step 3: Export the animation

Step 4: Close the animation editor

Step 5: Open the animation editor, import the animation

Step 6: Move your cursor right to the end of the timeline, insert a new keyframe within the current keyframe

Step 7: Insert a new keyframe further up in the timeline, and move it towards the duplicated keyframes

Step 8: crash

I believe this is due to you being able to insert a keyframe within another keyframe for some reason right at the end of the timeline when you import it. I’ll take a look and see if I can produce a fix.

It occurs with any of the rigs - not just R15.

This is an interesting bug though.

I did it by accident the other day (thought two overlapping keyframes would overlap each other.)


Crashed my studio and I lost an animation I was working on.