Studio crashes when opening a specific place

Our experience has several places, 2 of which crash whenever anyone tries to open them, making it impossible to do anything.

It is the main starting place, and Tower Defense Match that crash. We also have older copies of these places saved as other experiences, and they crash just the same.

It was fine somewhere around thursday, and then at friday it started crashing for everyone, without any plugins activated.
It might be related to a large amount of models of monsters, towers and maps that these places have. They are all contained in ReplicatedStorage/ServerStorage in packages.
The game itself seems to be doing fine, it’s only the studio that crashes.

Log/dump files were attached to the internal ticket by a Roblox Staff (@Focia19), due to the sensitive information they may contain, will not be shared publicly!


We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database, and we’ll follow up when we have an update!

Thanks for the report!

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Hi, can you indicate whether this hangs after loading the level, or immediately crashes? Looking at the log it appears the place loaded and was closed 2 minutes later. Can you describe the crash behavior here?

After double clicking the place in desktop app it starts loading as normal.
This loading hangs for 10-20 seconds, then silently crashes, closing studio immediately, without ever showing the place itself. From what i can tell, studio also disappears in task manager at the same time.

I have actually managed to reproduce something like this in another place.

This is one of larger packages in our game, it contains maps, which are built from enormous amounts of parts. When trying to add this package to an already large place, or just add it several times in a row, most of the time place suddenly closes without even saving the last addition.
Here’s log file.
I created a new place and simply inserted this package 3 times in a row, on 3rd time studio suddenly closed. Same also happens if i try to duplicate the inserted folder without package link in it.
On an empty place this happens very reliably on 3rd insertion, but on non-empty places it seems to happen sooner.

Also attached a place with 1 package folder inserted into workspace. Duplicating that folder crashes studio.

The problem has apparently been solved. Place in question stopped crashing and I can no longer replicate crashes with our large packages.