Studio crashes while importing animation

Whenever i try importing the animation that has been exported recently the studio just crashes while importing the animation. (Roblox standart animator)

Not sure if its my pc because i tried to restarting it, deleting all roblox files and reinstalling them or reinstalling windows.

Anything else i could do to fix it? or its just a bug


I have the same problem. I made animations for the grenade and when I import them, only they have a problem

I’ve been noticing this as well, seems to be from a recent change

I have met the same issue. Does anybody post available in BUG Report Channel?

I just started getting this issue as well

@WillyChan15 @JonnyUnderwater @Red_stickman1 @coploi007

Might be related if it’s a curve animation. Converting it to a keyframe sequence then back to a curve animation fixes it if it is