Studio Crashes with Team Create


So I’ve been independently building for a while so I didn’t have the need to enable team create but now that I’m working with a few other developers, my studio crashes.

I’m able to get onto studio and see other users in studio (w/ team create) however whenever I select a brick or copy and paste my stuff from a different game to the current, my studio crashes.

Anyone have any solutions?


There are a few reasons for this, it can be your computer’s RAM or your internet , you could always try turning TC on and off or just reinstall studio. Also is it just you or all your devs?


Right now it’s occurring only to me and I’ve tried turning teamcreate on and off, but I still crash whenever teamcreate is on and I try to select a brick. I don’t think it’s my RAM or internet either.


Internet. 100%. Experienced this before, and that was because I had a slow vpn running. When you select a brick, it tries to update the position, or get the info for the properties, and consequently crashes or attempts to reload since it can’t retrieve any information.


I agree, this problem is definitely your internet. Try searching for a solution on google as i’m not sure how to resolve this, good luck!


I tested my internet speed and it said that my internet speed was “very fast”