Studio crashing after clicking stop on play since today


Describe the bug. Describe what is happening when the bug occurs. Describe what you would normally expect to occur.

Since todays studio update, when clicking Stop while playing accurate play on studio it crashes. It’s inconsistant, can’t seem to reliable produce it,

Possibly related:
I started creating 196x196 Viewportframes today, with simplish model on it. I’ve been using a viewportframe just fine however for the last month.

How often does the bug happen?

Seems to happen after about an half hour of working and testing, i play and stop repeatedly, but can’t reproduce the issue, but it only ever crashes when i click stop.

Where does the bug happen

I can send the crash dump to any staff that needs it

Other information of computer specifications
GTX 1070
Ryzen 2700x
32 GB of memory
windows 10


It seems that your Studio is crashing at rendering codes, and you Studio is rendering with Vulkan mode. Last week some player complained similar crash issue. I suggested to switch to Direct3D11, not crash any more. Could you try it to see if situation improves? :slight_smile:


Thanks, i’ll give it a try, it hasn’t crashed for a while since i posted the bug report, but i changed the setting, and restarted studio, i’ll reply if i get another crash.


Got another crash today, I was on Direct3D11


Our internal crash report system is not working since some time yesterday, and I could not find your crash record.

If needed, please share me the mini dump file via Google drive or your favorite way, which can be found under “C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Local\Roblox\logs” or “C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Local\Roblox\logs\archive”. Checking the .dmp file with correct timestamp:-)


Thanks for your sharing of the dump file.

It is not related to rendering. Studio crashes at the find/replace widget belonging to some script editor when the edit is closed & deleted, which is a rare case afaik:-)


I have the same issue, however it takes place 100% of the time on the game that I’m working on. Because of this, it’s essentially impossible to debug my game properly as I’m met with an error every single time i hit the stop button.

I have tried reproducing the issue in other places, however I’m currently unable to do so. I’ve also tried altering the graphics mode, but that hasn’t affected anything.

I should note that within the past week or so, my laptop has started to hang on some games in the Roblox Player, resulting in me having to restart my laptop to continue using it. I assume that this might have something to do with the issue?

Intel i5-7300HQ
Intel HD Graphics 630
GTX 1050


Do you know if its using integrated graphics instead of the 1050? i feel like that could be the cause.


I’ve tried with both and it doesn’t make a difference, unfortunately.


Interesting issue, not related to the rendering code, and not our top crash.

It seems that you are still using the version 369, and today we just released 370, which fixes several top crashes! Could you please try again to see if the crash disappear? Thanks:-)


Studio doesn’t appear to crash anymore, thanks for the help!


Hey @lll_xyz, I’m still having the same problem @JoshRBX had, since yesterday.Today I had over 11 crashes(I say 11 because that’s how much of it autosaved as you can see in the image below).


Just like the other guys above implied; these crashes seem to happen 80-90% of the time when ever I hit “Stop” in playsolo.It’s really been bugging me because I couldn’t get much done on my game today.I really hope this problem could be resolved soon.


Thanks for your feedback. Just checked your crash records, and it seems to be a new bug introduced in v370 when stopping debugging or closing game. Though I cannot reproduce, I think we may have some idea to fix it.

You know, the latest Studio v370 just fixed a lot of top crashes, and we are reviewing the updated top crashes. Absolutely I will file an internal bug for your crash case.

Sorry for the inconvenience you are experiencing, we will try to generate a fix for it:-)


Oh, awesome! I just really hope i can get back to enjoying my development soon. :grin: