Studio crashing when dragging objects from one parent to another in Object Explorer

When dragging objects really quickly, especially models with lots of children, from one parent to another, studio will crash.

It will not crash if you first drag the mouse horizontally in Explorer (so that it hovers over the same object that you are dragging), and wait for a short lag spike to happen first, and then move it to the object you want to parent the selected object to.

That period of time in which studio crashes seems to be longer for larger models, especially in games that have lots of objects already in them.

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You might want to provide a direct repro, or a crash .dmp file of this issue.

Do you have a place file that this happens with?

Sorry for leaving this post for a month, but I’ve been too busy with other projects to be able to come up with a repro. Now that I’ve tried to, I can’t seem to come up with a place file where this happens consistently. I can’t seem to force it to happen; it just seems to happen on occasion in any place file, usually when my framerate is low. I’d rather not leave the place files of my projects online out in the open, so I’ve been trying to create a place file for the sake of reproducing this bug, and have had no success. I still experience the bug.

ChadTheCreator liked this post, so I’m assuming I’m not the only one experiencing it. Does anyone else experience this, or know more about when this bug happens and when it doesn’t? I need some help coming up with a repro if so.