Studio crashing when minimized for a while

Studio has been crashing when it has been minimized for some number of minutes (hard to gauge how long, as I’m usually away from my computer for a while when I find it crashed).

It always displays the “An unexpected error occurred” message, and only happens when Studio has been minimized (possibly when it’s out of focus as well, but hard to tell).

This might be exclusive to Team Create, as that’s what I’ve been using most. I can’t recall if I’ve had it in non-TC places.

Given how sporadic it is I can’t give very good repro steps, other than:

  • Open Studio to a Team Create place
  • Minimize Studio
  • Wait :confused:
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Thanks for the report!

A few questions:
When did this start happening for you?
Are other people in the Team Create place with you?
Did they try to edit a script you had already edited/were currently editing?

I would guess about 4-5 patches ago, but hard to say, sorry :frowning: And typically I’m with one other user, though it also happens when I’m alone in the TC. The times when we’ve both wanted to edit the same script hasn’t lead to any crashes.

That’s odd. I typically leave my studio minimized rather than closing it for long periods of time, but never experienced this problem. Could it have to be something with your computer?

Anythings possible :confused: I haven’t noticed it today and have been in TC and regular places with Studio minimized throughout the day. Maybe it was stealth-patched? In my experience it’s been very intermittent so it could still be there but hard to tell. I’ll keep an eye out and try to figure out the root cause if it pops up again

Just experienced this issue again. I had Studio minimized on a non-TC place, so it’s for sure not exclusive to team create sessions. I wish I could isolate this better for you guys