Studio crashing while play testing

Hello, My studio keeps crashing (Closing) while playtesting any game.

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Try logging out and back into Studio. If it’s too demanding for your device then lower the editor quality level and graphics mode by going into Studio and using the shortcut Alt+S → Rendering.

If that all does not work, then try reinstalling Studio as a whole.

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Logging in and out actually worked :slight_smile: thank you

nevermind, It does not work. it still crashes every other time

I’ve been experiencing this issue on and off for the past 2-3 days. It appears to be a bug with Roblox Studio because when I load into my game from the website, it doesn’t crash at all. Usually, waiting a couple of hours resolves the problem for me. I hope this issue gets fixed soon. In the meantime, you can debug your game by publishing it and loading into it from the website.

I can load it on the website but i sometimes like to modify some objects while playtesting. i really hope this issue can be fixed

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