Studio crashing without saving or error - lost 3 hours work

[EDIT] I have not experienced this issue for a few weeks. I’m unsure whether it’s been patched or I haven’t been spending enough time on Studio to encounter it (as I’m back at work now), but should I encounter it again, I’ll be sure to record a dump this time.

I have no idea what’s causing this, but I’m beyond annoyed.

So, this has been happening for about a week, but I haven’t really had the incentive to go through the post approval procedure until now, hoping that this would be fixed without me saying anything. Well, Studio has been updated at least twice now and it’s still happening. Let me explain what it is that I’m on about.

Every now and then, Studio will freeze up and close randomly. No warning. No error. No dialog box. No save prompt. It just disappears as if I’ve killed the process from Task Manager. The worst part is that mine doesn’t seem to autosave - I checked my autosave settings and it said autosave was off, although I do not remember turning it off and I have other places autosaved that I was working on just hours before.

This issue can happen whether I’ve got an empty baseplate or a huge map open, it makes no difference. It can happen anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours after opening Studio and usually happens when selecting a part or being tabbed out of Studio. I have seen this issue happen with at least one other person, and we’re both using fairly low-end machines. I know someone who has never had it happen who is running a very high-end machine, so maybe there’s something there.

I can’t really give any steps to reproduce it, as it happens randomly without my input. But I have just lost 3 hours crucial work, patching exploits and adding new features to my game - time that I won’t have until at least another week.

My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

I am able to provide any further details upon contact, however there may be a delay as I’ve got stuff to do tonight and I’m at work most days. Apologies if anything here is incorrect or if I’ve done this wrong - this is my first post.

This began to happen around a week ago and had never happened to me before this.

I am using the latest Studio build, double and triple checked.


Windows 10 Home 64-Bit (Build 17134.590, believe that this is an Insider build)
CPU: Intel Core i5 650 (a sad 3.20GHz)
GPU - NVidia GeForce GT710
RAM - 8GB DDR3 ram

The work I lost was on this game: (You probably won’t be able to join as we have a script that keeps the game closed when not supervised by administrators, but I was asked to add it anyway.)


I’ve recently been experiencing this issue and have no idea what may be causing it. There is no particular thing that I do that causes this to happen. It’s like I blink and then my studio window is gone without any trace.

Happening to me as well. Studio will randomly close for no reason without providing any dialog box. Usually seems to happen after I finish editing a script.

Just sent message about collecting crash dump when Studio crashes without error window.
If you can reproduce crash, please reply the message with crash dump file.

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

This seems to occur if your place has LinkedSources & Packages.

Though it could also be related to scripts being open when returning to edit mode, APS, or something of that nature.

I know APS used to crash consistently if you had a lot of plugins installed that used PluginGuis rather than the CoreGUI.

My game does have packages in it, so you could be right.