Studio Data Usage

I’ve recently been restricted from my internet access by my provider, naturally I check my data usage and see this:

I build quite often, but in no other month have I ever even broke close to 10GB of data usage. I’m just wondering, how has studio managed to download over 1 TERABYTE.

I asked some other developers about how much it uses for them on similar projects, and it’s nowhere near this astronomically high number. (Hell, I don’t have the space for this on my PC)

Has anyone else had similar issues? How would I decrease my data usage?

Wow. Those numbers are abnormal. For the rest of the apps too.

128 GB of Firefox??? I’m worried to continue using it.

How often did you use studio?

I use firefox for all sorts, not particularly abnormal for me. Steam is just games.

I use studio for maybe an hour each day, some longer sessions at like 2-4h. I only have it running when doing studio as well.

I just checked mine and I have 900mb, something more than likely wrong on your end

Do you ever forget to close it when you’re done?