Studio deleting things from place

This has happened twice now.

I’ve been working on a commission for someone the past couple of days, for some reason Roblox has been removing models from the place after I save and quit. And yes, I DO save and publish to that place, I know this because of what’s being deleted. An example, last night I made up the rail system for the place. It ran all the way around and up the stair ways, I also after that did some work on the tile floor in the upper floor. I saved and published, I did not delete, move, or adjust anything. Today when I went to continue working on it almost 80% of the railings I did where gone, for some reason some of it was still around and the floor I did after was there.

Same thing happened before at the same place where I set up and made some models and the next time I opened the place some where gone…

Any idea on why this is happening? The rail took me a long time to get up and around nicely q_q

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I think someone is messing with you.

If you’re somehow accidentally disabling Archivable then that would explain things not saving.

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UPDATE: Still happening. It’s been deleting all sorts of random items, I seriously have no clue what’s going on

When you make a bug report, it shows you a template of what the bug report should look like. It’s based on these steps:

Please go over them and include all the information that is currently missing. (where does it happen (place link), when did it start happening, how often does it happen, anything else you’d want to know if you had to fix the bug yourself)

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