Studio Design Refresh - Docking Overhaul & Ribbon Upgrade

yall serious now? removing attachments, and specialmeshs? :sob:

Encountered an issue where if you have the program DPI scaling enabled for the launcher (which I need to prevent studio from looking like a blurry mess), your mouse will end up being offset.

Hey uh the update just rolled out for me i guess, whered the device ui changer go next to the hide ui button cause im stuck as an ipad right now lol

To fix this you need to enable the DPI beta.

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Now ~80% of the time when I open studio it looks like this

If you are having the issue in the below bug report, try the solution I gave:

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Here’s an easier way to reset your layout:


Try resetting your layout:

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It seems to be working now thanks :smiley:

Would it be too much to ask for this update to be completely reverted? It’s not a good update and has only RUINED my entire experience with Studio. It behaves completely erratically, it runs terrible, has ruined some productivity with irrational relocation of UI related buttons, and it freezes up constantly. None of these happened before this update was pushed, and it has made me not want to work on anything.

I can’t fix my layout after it was completely messed up for no reason because dragging the widgets causes severe lag, it’s like it’s got a spring damping on it, and it makes putting things back nearly impossible.

Not just that, but sometimes windows disappear ENTIRELY. I lost my script recovery window and it constantly warns me about it because I can’t clear the recovered scripts.

Don’t even get me started on testing, Studio now freezes for up to FIVE MINUTES (for reference, I am running a 3900x and a 1080ti which should not have lag issues like I have) just when starting a play test. This would be tolerable if the play test in separate window feature wasn’t removed.

PLEASE, just undo this update. I don’t want to work with Studio anymore because of all of these issues.


Finally a post about this issue. Team create takes so long to load up and then on top of it I open it to 20 thousand pop-up screens. Hopefully, they’ll do something about this.

RE the video specifically, that’s no longer how you dock panels.

You don’t drag it right to the side: See the plus shaped set of boxes that show up overlaid over the window you’re hovering as you drag? You hover over the particular part of the box specifying how you want to dock the window to dock it, giving you explicit control over exactly how it docks.

I’m trying to dock them like that, but it’s so easy to miss the docking spot now because of how it’s slowed down and damped feeling. That part I have no issue with, it’s just the extreme performance regression that came with this update.

Here’s a video showing how much effort I need to go through just to dock this widget. The damped looking cursor is the one that I was seeing, whereas the other cursor that moves normally is where it’s supposed to be.

I also have further issues but I don’t think they’re related to this, but they are also performance issues so I’ll throw them in.

Just selecting the move tool in Studio causes my framerate to TANK hard. I’m pretty sure that’s your team (or you have contact with them) but it’s making working even worse than the performance regression has.

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It’s been around 7 weeks since this update has rolled out for me. Studio has been a pain since.

I should not have to open and close studio multiple times for the main viewport window to be in the correct spot and not tabbed out and un-draggable… (this is the same with all of the other tabs/windows)

I know about deleting the registry key and i also know about the “Reset View” action (Which I’ve already used and these issues continue to occur). However after 7 weeks i shouldn’t have to do those things to counter these issues. A feature like this should be Fixed, Less Buggy or even placed into the Beta Features tab as an option until it is fully stable and not filled with bugs.

This is severely impacting my and most likely many other developer’s workflows.

Along with this i beg for you guys to reconsider adding the UI Visibility Button and Device Button back to it’s original location, It’s just annoying to keep clicking multiple buttons to hide UI when it was 1 click before.


After over a month of this being posted, only 3 of these have been fixed:
Performance issues
Script input delay
Test load times

While it’s good that those issues have been resolved…
The weird blank grey tab still appears and seems to be slightly more frequent then before.
Docking still feels clunky.
Layout shuffling still occurs.
Plugins still randomly open when joining a studio file.

These issues have just gotten more annoying and there is no way to fully get rid of them. They continue to come back after resetting your registry key or even after using the Reset View action.
These need to get resolved or there needs to be a good way to work around these issues to stop them occurring so frequently.

(UI button was addressed in the main post and i must’ve skipped over it during my first read through)

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There was a post a few weeks ago about third party plugins not retaining their docking positions when getting disabled and re-enabled. That has been fixed. Please restart Studio to get the fix.

The attached video shows disabling and enabling of Pipe Placer plugin.


When tabbing the animation editor and output, sometimes after playtesting the animation editor tab or the tab that was previously not in focus would disappear and the only way to get it back is to change the docking.

Can you please post a video of this, so we can see the repro steps and try to repro and fix it on our end?

Here is a video of the bug:

Please keep in mind that I have script performance docked as a tab, but I’m not sure if that influences the bug’s behavior. Sometimes what will happen is that the animation editor will still not appear even after stopping the playtest, even though I was unable to demonstrate that in the video.

I prefer old ui better than new one i know it modern but it very confused to use it