Studio Design Refresh - Docking Overhaul & Ribbon Upgrade

You cannot bring it back. The best you can do is add the toggles under the Quick Access Toolbar in the top left corner of your screen.

I cant see the checkboxes!
on my 1440 they are tiny and awful.
Eye contrast insensitivity, Its an accessibility issue.
Set them back please!


I shouldnt have to drag across my screen to position this. Cornering my mouse to the desired location to position a tab has been fine. This is clunky, and slower. Everyone else does the former. This isnt a gamepad, its a desktop! tysm

get rid of these fat 5 pixel borders. They waste precious space!

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  • When I run studio in DPI mode, all the scroll bars are super tiny for me to select.… It is really annoying trying to select a really tiny button and never had this issue with the old studio… If I disable DPI mode then I run into the issue of studio being way too big for me which I had been experiencing this issue for years now…
    Would be good to have the option to change the size of the scroll bars.

  • I think this is a bug but I cannot change colors for multiple selected particle emitters seems to only effect particle emitters only for me.

  • Please add the hide UI button on the top right instead of going to view then hide UI

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whenever i open studio it will open like this

instead of what i want it to be like

it is very annoying having to move the tab over and fix it every time i open studio
same thing happens when i open scripts, they dont open like they used to being in the middle instead now they open replacing the explorer

anyway to keep it in the same position?

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Thanks for the report! We were able to reproduce your issue and will follow up once we have patched it.


Hey, where did the buttons for hiding UI and changing device go? I know they are in VIEW too, but they were really convenient there in the corner

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Please let us to have an option to opt out / disable this.

Yet the redesign might sounded great and amazing, I personally dislike it. The new designs seems unnecessary to me and they are very clunky to use.

  • If you want to reorder scripts, you have to hover through the entire thin script bar without falling out of bounds. Or else you will have to put the script back to the window, and drag through the thin bar again. This is very annoying when there are multiple scripts being opened and you want to reorder them.

  • I REALLY hope to see something like a double-decked script bar for displaying more scripts.
    A concept:

  • I used to double-click this bar to go completely full screen inside Roblox Studio but that no longer works. If you want to go full screen now, you have to drag all 4 sides to the edge of your screen correspondingly. Very inconvenient.

  • Not a huge issue but this happens when stop playing (Shift+F5).

  • It is also causing various problems such as the mouse not being locked in the center while in first person. Previously it only happens when starting a server to play test (probably because my playtest window is a small square. Now it happens randomly.


How you have the UI design like that?, i have the old design and i dont like

Read the post, it is mentioned.

I had already that ui, but it’s disappeared when i open again Roblox Studio, i lovely that design because it doesn’t spend too much space in the screen


Plugin widgets are being wiped out after a Test is run. This is forcing me to have to reload plugins every single time I run a test. You can reproduce this with the plugin ‘Datastore Editor’.

Is anyone else experiencing problems with plugins that previously we’re not docked not being able to open up anymore? Not even the SliceCenter editor, and as an UI developer that’s a core problem for me.

(I can’t post this in Studio Bugs, I don’t have the required forum level)

That bar was removed from Studio, and as far as I know there’s no way to add it back. I also liked it, it’s a shame.

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No offence but this thing is kind of messing my studio up. Can you make a button that can set it back to normal so it would help other people. Thanks! @Rusi_002


You can only put them at the top


The docking update got re-enabled for me and it’s still very laggy. I’m tired of Roblox releasing bad updates that literally put developers’ incomes in jeopardy just because someone at Roblox HQ wanted some overengineered solution to a pretty small problem.


why arenʻt we able to use the old ones? the new icon update has already happened for me and i canʻt revert back to the old icons or even edit the new ones no matter what i do in the files. this is annoying because the new icon set makes everything look the same. everything is blue and white, and i donʻt recognize most things anymore. this update is incredibly frustrating


Any chance the Plugin Management tool can get updated as well? It really lacks most things regarding sorting and finding plugins quickly. Would love a search bar as well something to sort my current active and inactive plugins.

Here’s just a basic mockup of what I mean.


me casually waiting for this update to roll out for me :pray:

Currently, I don’t have the update yet I’ve been waiting for alot of time for this to roll out for me.