Studio dragger broken while dragging around a model


I was dragging around a model of a physics-based car (so each wheel has attachments, cylindrical constraint and a spring constraint) when I suddenly got a giant error in the output window. After the error occurred, multiple problems starting happening. I clicked a different part to resize it and the previous arrows didn’t delete themselves as seen below. The L indicating local movement was stuck to the middle of the screen. Ultimately I had to restart studio as it was very hard to use after this point.

Images of output and game:

I cannot reproduce this bug because it happened seemingly completely randomly, unfortunately.


Do you have any plugins that have something to do with scaling or dragging?

There’s a known issue where you try to resize a selection containing multiple objects, where none of those objects are parts/models (you only have Attachments / Constraints selected), it will break. Since you say you were working with constraints that’s likely what happened.


Alright cool, glad it’s been recognised! That sounds like it’s the same problem. Thanks for the reply.

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