Studio Efficiency suggestions

As a ROBLOX developer, I believe it would be beneficial to add these features to Studio:

  • a hotkey for selecting children of a model

  • another hotkey for merging two or more existing models together, and retaining the first selected group’s properties

  • a process where clicking on a model will select the next tier object inside said model, whether it be another model within the original model, or a part.

  • empty models are removed if you group its children into a new group

Select Children Hotkey

Select Children is one of my most used features in Studio, as I am sure it is for many model builders who like to organize their builds. It would mainly be a time saver, as it would save clicks and also the necessity of moving your mouse.

Merging two groups while retaining the first selected group’s properties with a hotkey

Merging two or more existing models together would also be a time saver. There are two main ways that this can currently be done, both with their separate issues:

Ungrouping the selected models, then grouping them again (Ctrl+U, Ctrl+G):

This is the fastest way to join two models. However, by doing this, you lose the original name of the model, along with all other properties, such as PrimaryPart.

Dragging objects into the model you want:

While this retains the target model’s properties, it is very annoying to do this once you have more than a couple things you want to put into the target model, or if you have a massive amount of models in your Workspace. More often than not, there will also be models that are named identically to your target model, and it becomes tedious to figure out which model is the target model.


First, the user would click the target model, the one which has the properties they wish to have. Then, the user would select the parts/models/objects that they want to put into the target model. Then, by pressing a hotkey, the selected stuff would be moved into the new target model, and Studio would finish with the user selecting the target model - which now contains the new stuff.

Selecting models within models, by double clicking on them while one is selected

Right now, you can left click as many times as you want on a model, and nothing will happen (if anything, you’ll accidentally move it). Studio could make use of a feature where double clicking on a selected model will select the next inner model/part/object within its descendants - as if it had been ungrouped, and you could now select the stuff that had been ungrouped. This would be a BIG time saver, for those with large models which contain many inner models.

Removing models that are empty as a result of grouping its children into another group

This would remove a lot of empty models that clutter some developer’s Workspaces. This would remove unwanted empty models in 99 percent of cases.

Overall, these features would streamline studio, and make developers more efficient at building what they want.


You can set up your own hotkey with “Customize Shortcuts” (I believe the default path is File > Advanced > Customize Shortcuts). I have mine set to Ctrl+Q, for instance.

Merging or moving models in general is a pain, but a feature specifically for merging sounds pretty niche – it’d be nice if I could cut/paste, but then ROBLOX re-positions all of my parts.

If you’re requesting this so you can get to the parts in the model, holding alt and clicking on the part will ignore models and directly select parts.

I see. Thanks, that’ll save me a lot of time.

I use Alt+Click all the time. However, this ignores the models within the originally selected model. For example, say I want to select “GeneratedCave” without using the explorer, because I have hundreds of models that I would have to sort through:


By double clicking on the GeneratedCave once I’ve selected its parent model, I can then select just the model - without having to hold Alt and clicking each of GeneratedCave’s children.

Just out of curiosity, I know there may always be models within models but do you use Folders at all? They pretty much act like a model except you can’t specifically select them; thus you can simply click on individual models within a folder allowing for great organization and ease of model movement at the same time.


That’s a possible solution for smaller models, but with large models, with models within models within models, the feature I spoke of would again help select things faster.

Alt+S shouldn’t be the default settings tab opener too. I find myself accidentally opening it too much.

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