Studio Event For Publishing?

I’m looking for an event that I can use that will fire when I attempt to publish a game. I found StudioPublishService.GamePublishFinished, but that seems to be restricted to Roblox. What alternatives can I use? Out-of-the-box solutions are welcomed!

There is no such thing directly, but you can use this script to check the version of the place and the version of the server, if they do not match, then there was an update

I appreciate the resources, but unfortunately I specifically need an event or a workaround way of having event-like behavior.

You can do the same, just create a BindableEvent and if there is an update, just fire it

That requires checking for an update to begin with. I need an event so I can automate stuff each time I publish.

Unfortunately, there is no such

This is the best way I have seen, if you can come up with something better let me know!