Studio forces itself to be active window when play test is stopped

When I play test, and go to stop play test, I go back to VS code or whatever else I want open, and after a second or 2, when studio has fully finished play testing, it forces itself back open

Expected behavior

Studio to stay minimized and out of the way


It’s something small but pisses me off so much :sob:. To me it also happens when closing Studio through the application bar when it’s minimized


Thanks for the report! We’ll investigate and follow up with updates.


Hi @NinjoOnline, I am not able to repro this with the latest version. Are you on Windows 10 or Windows 11? I am not able to repro it with version 0.612.0.6120532 on Windows 11.

If you’re on Windows 11 you can change this with Taskbar Settings. There is no known workaround for Windows 10. I dug deep on this here:

@DEVLocalPlayer, do you mean that closing Studio from the Windows taskbar when it’s not active makes Studio become active? I see some flashing, meaning Studio briefly shows up, becomes activated and then exits. But your focus is still preserved on whatever application you had active. As I was typing this message I had Studio open but it was not visible on my screen but selectable through the taskbar. I right-clicked on the Studio icon in the taskbar and closed it from the menu. I did see a brief flashing of Studio on my screen, but after that the focus came back to the browser and I am now able to continue writing this message without doing anything else.

If Studio needs your attention, let’s say you have a place open that is not saved, and if you try to close it from the taskbar, Studio will get activated and stay active until you take action. But even after that you should be able to continue from where you had left off.

I am using Windows 11. The behavior on Windows 10 might be different.

There’s also the behavior where the app in the taskbar, the app icon that is, will start to flash. That happens when the app requires your attention. There is a way to disable this in Windows 11 by unchecking the Show flashing on taskbar apps checkbox:

My suggestion would be to either update your Windows 10, or upgrade to Windows 11. Please feel free to send me a direct message, in case if you’re still experiencing this issue.

There are workarounds/suggestions on how to solve this issue. I’ll close this issue. @NinjoOnline, please feel free to send me a direct message, if you have more questions.

Yeah, it seems to get visualization priority (but not focus) on the screen while it’s closing. Now, for me it’s usually up to 4-5 seconds instead of a short moment, but most likely cause I have a really big game. Annoying nonetheless. It doesn’t interrupt if you’re typing but if you’re clicking stuff it does get in the way.

Unsure what update happened recently, but this has started to occur again

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