Studio freezes every so often when selecting an object


For a few days now when I select something, there is a chance that the frame after will freeze for 0.5 - 2 seconds. If you move your mouse during that time when the studio comes to it will move the object to where you’re pointing because it never registers you releasing the left mouse button since it happens after the freeze. Very obnoxious to deal with. I can’t get a good repro for it, I haven’t figured out the pattern yet. I do have this which I’m not sure if its relevant but its always there when the freeze happens:

Windows 7 Home Premium
i7 5820K
GTX 960


Does anyone have any information of their own on this, or are the engineers aware? It is very frustrating trying to build with this. Seems the less RAM I have disposable, the longer or more frequent these freezes are.


Still an issue. I know I haven’t got a perfect repro which would help a lot, but is anyone else still experiencing random freezes when selecting objects?