Studio Freezing up when I move my camera

This started happening about a week ago. Whenever I go to move my camera in studio (Not while playing), my studio freezes up sometimes dropping me to about what seems like 2 fps or so. Some things I have noticed are that it only happens when I have certain tabs open in the Explorer page. When I have my Workspace and Replicated Storage open and other folders it happens but as soon as I close all those tabs it stops lagging.

Things I have noticed:

  • When playing in studio or live game, everything is fine, this only happens in studio edit mode.
  • It seems to only happen when I go forward, backward, or move the camera with my mouse.
  • Some positions in the map are far worse than others even when I delete all objects in the general area.
  • I couldn’t get this to replicate on certain places like older games of mine, and empty baseplates even when importing a ton of objects from the games that do lag.
  • It did happen on Dungeon Quest, even on builds that were from months ago which havent been touched in a long time. It happened on the new dungeon I was creating as well.

Things I have tried:

  • Switching to my laptop
  • Using different mouse
  • Reinstalling Roblox Studio
  • deactivating all plugins
  • Uninstalling Geforce experience (It was taking up alot of cpu %)

Desktop specs:

  • GPU = rtx2080
  • 16GB ram
  • CPU = i7-8700k
  • OS = Microsoft Windows 10 Home
  • MB = Z390 Phantom Gaming 4-IB

Laptop model:

  • msi GS65 Stealth (i7-8750H, rtx2060, 16GB DDR4)

Micro-profile dump:


We have turned off the responsible flag. Can you confirm this is fixed?

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I can confirm this is no longer happening. Thank you very much!

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