Studio Group Plugins & Loading/Unloading Improvements

Hi Developers,

We recently made three quality of life improvements to plugins!

  1. Plugins can now be uploaded under groups! This means you can share development with other creators.


  2. Installing or uninstalling a plugin now only affects that plugin. Previously all plugins would be reloaded whenever either of these actions were performed.

  1. Enabling or disabling a plugin now takes effect immediately. Previously it would require closing and reopening the place.

Note: Some plugins may not properly clean up after themselves when disabled or uninstalled. If you are a plugin creator, make sure your plugin listens to the Plugin.Unloading event and removes any temporary instances (e.g. visualization indicators in the Workspace) for optimal user experience.

Credit to @NoahWillCode and @CycloneUprising for implementing these changes. Let us know what future plugin improvements you would like to see!


This is going to be so helpful in the future when I work with plugins! I’m especially happy that disabling plugins is now an instantaneous process, as i tend to disable plugins to free up space on my bar and now I don’t have to reload studio each time I disable it.

I think adding the group plugins feature is also a nice touch too!


Thank the smoothblockmodel! My workaround for applying plugin changes was to re-install a local plugin, now I don’t have to jump through that hoop. Nice QOL improvement.

This is a cool update! Thanks for making group plugins! I always have to delete plugins because of the limited space.

The 3rd one is a awesome update, I can’t tell ya how many times I had to close out of a place to enable a plugin, it wasn’t a huge amount but it was annoying nonetheless

I was just thinking today about how awful an experience it was to enable plugins. I’m usually working in an empty place and I’d have to save it to get a plugin installed. That’s an awesome update, thanks for the good work!

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The third one is a MAJOR QoL improvement for plugins. I cannot even begin to rant about how annoying and disturbing to my workflow plugin enabling and disabling would be. I didn’t want to close the place entirely, so what I did was install a dummy plugin and uninstall it afterward to refresh the bar.

The second one, eh, cheers for QoL but it didn’t exactly affect my workflow to have the whole bar refresh. Especially with the lack of appropriate enabling/disabling, paranoia kicked in and I felt I had to refresh my entire bar after managing my plugins.

The first one, eh okay. Understandable that these would appear sooner or later so groups can host assets the same way profiles can, but I’m not as giddy about it.

I’m now hoping that plugin developers improve their plugins in accordance with this for a better developer experience, especially in regards to cleaning up the resources that their plugins create. The mess doesn’t end simply because these updates were made.


This was a must needed change, will we see the ability to group plugins into folders anytime in the near future? It would be incredibly handy as I’m working with 40+ plugins and it gets super confusing trying to enable and disable them all.

Also, some plugins when the Studio session starts, force themselves to be enabled, this is incredibly annoying as I had an issue where every time I pressed X it would have a circle open on my screen from one of the plugins but I couldn’t figure out which one.


This update appeared to break my Roblox Studio :C, it doesn’t let me update plugs anymore. If I click update it just crashes studio by going into an endless “Not Responding” loop. :confused:

The issue should have stopped since the feature was disabled. This might not be from this update.

love this! thank you! i always hated having to restart studio to add or remove a plugin.

Great to see these improvements, especially instant activation of plugins. No more restarts!