August Recap: Incredible changes to the platform

Hey developers,

RDC. UGC. Maybe another initialism that ends in C?

Improvements to translation tools. Faster Lua VM. Plugin quality of life improvements.

Configuring assets in Studio. Localized game icons. Textbox changes.

August was AWESOME !

We had a LOT of big changes this month that kept the hype from July alive and pushed us straight into September. Don’t pull up the Green Day song just yet though, the fun is sure to continue!


As always, Roblox gives a big thanks to the developers who participated in our live-ops events. Their events ranged from Area 51 to special new puzzles, and we appreciate the developers who worked with us on events for their games.

Bakiez Bakery
Blox World
Car Dealership Tycoon
Egg Simulator
Era Of Terror
Escape Room
Find the Noobs 2
Heartbeat Hospital
Jailbreak :crossed_swords: SWORDS!
Koala Cafe
Military Madness
Military Simulator
Obby Squads
Obstacle Paradise
Red vs Blue vs Green vs Yellow
Soro’s Italian Restaurant
Speed Race
Speed Simulator X
Star Sorority
Tower Defense Simulator
Vehicle Simulator
Vehicle Tycoon
Where’s the Baby!

Want your game featured for a live-ops event? Read all about how here: Roblox 2019 Events Update

Developer Content: Developer Spotlights

In August, we got to know some international developers and learn about their experiences developing on Roblox. Find out more about some of our friends abroad:

In the near future, we’re looking to change the way we do Developer Spotlights and the type of content that they showcase. Stay tuned for more information on that!

Updates and Changes

August was CRAZY for Roblox and insanely exciting! Check out these announcements to find out more:

The ones that are extra special were written in red bold!

Release Notes

Check out our release notes as well for any changes to our API you may not be aware of:


We miss #RDC2019! It was fantastic to meet so many passionate developers with incredible stories.

But you’re not here for me to be all sappy, right? Of course not, you came for the pictures! Alright, fine, you can check them out here:

Developer Relations


August was a really awesome month for both the devs and the players. RDC, the highlight of the year was even more awesome! Can’t wait to see what September brings us!


August was yet another great addition to the amazing limits Roblox is willing to go. Happy birthday Roblox, you’re officially a teenager! :partying_face:


These recaps are excellent. Please keep them coming!

Sometimes I miss certain things in the development community, even being active, so it’s great to have a recap like this!


I’m really excited for the future of the platform. Please keep the updates coming! Roblox still has so much potential to grow and we’re still early on even though the platform has been out for a long time. Roblox is a very unique platform/company. Great work!


Thanks! We’ll be sure to keep them coming, this feedback is great to hear :smiley:


What an amazing month for Roblox! It was packed with new features as well as my first ever RDC experience!


Before I start…

HAPPY 13TH BIRTHDAY, ROBLOX! :partying_face: :partying_face:

(was 2 days ago)

August came and went like a blur, yet the platform evolved marvelously during that time. It’s time for my monthly retrospective of yet another amazing month of updates on Roblox. Boundaries are being pushed, breakthroughs are being made and certainly some smiles are being generated from this.

This time, I’m going to start with a major thanks to the (possibly underthanked) heroes at the Developer Relations Team for keeping the Developer Community updated with the absolute latest on the platform. Your work is so greatly appreciated in informing us about the latest and you deserve praise. :tada:

User Generated Catalog

At long last, one of the most long-awaited updates has arrived to Roblox and it arrived stunningly fast. Not long after RDC concluded, we were graced with the initiation of UGC and given a whole rundown of the details regarding it. It’s honestly a lot to take in.

Roblox’s push for a community-ran market is certainly unique and it’s already brought on the fun with the amazing hats that have been published so far. I can’t say I have a favourite out of those published right now, but it’s great to have new styles to tend to.

I understand that UGC has gotten a bit of backlash from a certain niche group within the community, but I’m not going to address that. I personally have the highest hopes for UGC so long as bad actors are properly counteracted unlike the headache that the current UGC (shirts, pants, etc) has become.

Also, there are more than just uploading features promised to us. We’ll be able to award our own hats as well! With this, we could even return seasonal events and have it community-ran! :smile:

Faster VM


Remember though that a faster VM doesn’t mean you can ignore practice and performance issues! Nor me lurking in #development-support:scripting-support. :eyes: :eyes:


Yet again another congratulations to the developers who made it to LiveOps. If your game’s community was kicked off by LiveOps, another round of cheers for you. I’m certain that the experience of LiveOps will be improved as UGC comes along.

I’m not sure about my opinion yet, I’m still thinking it over and weighing the factors of LiveOps. Maybe I’ll have a different response by next month about how I changed from disliking LiveOps.

Updates and Changes

August easily tops July’s updates and I hold great hopes for the future following RDC, the High-Level Roadmap, the updates that have currently been pushed and the promise for more to come. As always, I’ll be highlighting what I liked the most - I can see that coefficients already got a head start and bolded some listed features.

  • Text Highlighting: If a text box doesn’t have any of the Ctrl features or highlighting, I don’t believe in it as a real text box. It’s a sham disguised as an input box! Alas, however, we’ve been granted this new skill and we can copy game text to our computer and vice versa. :tada:

    • Now give us actual text formatting.
  • Faster Lua VM: Aside from obvious implementation flaws that may make one’s code bad, this is amazing to have overall. Faster Lua hopefully means less time fussing over operations taking long and more time getting things running in games at great speeds.

  • Configure Assets in Studio: A welcome QoL feature that prevents us from exiting the Studio IDE to modify a model’s details. Archive when though?

  • Translator Contribution Reports: I know that translating has become a job on Roblox and some games hire translators or translators offer their services at a certain rate. Translator contribution reports will help gauge translator activity and payment, since these things aren’t explicitly audited and it could be troublesome to see progress before without relying on one’s word. :flushed:

With that, I bring a conclusion to my monthly retrospective. A huge thanks to Developer Relations for their tireless work in providing us with the platform’s latest and to the engineers who work to improve the platform and address our feature requests. :partying_face:


While we’re on the topic - can Roblox please do something about some of the UGC creators ripping off Roblox’s hats in 20 minutes and uploading them for tens of thousands of dollars of profit?

I’m loving all the other stuff!


This month was amazing for developers. So much more tools and more creativity


August was probably one of my favorite months on ROBLOX! I’ve had so much fun during RDC as well.Something I’ll never forget! This highlight was amazing! Can’t wait too see what September has for ROBLOX!


It’s pretty amazing to see what was once an online Lego-style building game become a powerful game creation sandbox. Keep these updates coming!


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