Studio hangs indefinitely on launch when "Safe Studio Updates" is enabled

When the “Safe Studio Updates” Beta feature is enabled, Roblox Studio fails to launch. This is occurring on macOS Sierra Version 10.12.6.


  1. Open studio, File → Beta Feature → Enable “Safe Studio Updates”
  2. Close studio
  3. Open studio, app attempts to launch indefinitely

My workaround to this problem was to turn off my internet connection and launch in offline mode. This allowed studio to successfully open to the login page. I then reconnected to the internet and logged in normally. This brought me to the launch page correctly. From here I could disable the Beta Feature and once again launch studio normally without errors. Re-enabling this Beta Feature and attempting to launch studio will once again fail, with 100% repro rate on my end.


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I have this feature enabled with no problems at all. Everything works fine.

This might be OS specific, I don’t get this on Windows 10.